Exia Miner AIO 1.5.1

It?s honestly the best miner around

  1. Exia
    ExiaMiner AIO
    People use the term AIO loosely these days, but I intend to use it to the exact definition, I have a planned massive library of locations and options.


    Known Bugs:
    1. West Lumbridge may experience glitches due to an anti-bot feature applied by jagex in that location.
    2. Seren power mining is untested. (DO NOT MARK "mine one drop one" if you wish to keep the ores)
    3. LRC is untested, use it at your own risk
    If you would like to submit a feature request or bug report, please do so on this project's Github page: Issues · JohnRThomas/Exia-Mining-All-In-One · GitHub

    It's easier to mange issues here then for me to scroll through pages of discussion.

    Back Log (Green: Ready for release, Blue: Actively being worked on, Red: Future Release)

    --Next Release--
    1. Juju potions (RS3)
    2. Pirates Hideout (RS3/OSRS)
    3. Coal Trucks (RS3/OSRS)
    4. Motherload mine (OSRS)
    --Release after that--
    1. Bank using deposit boxes
    2. Multi ore mining
    3. Multi ore power mining
    4. Mobile player banking in conjunction with a sister script bot
    5. Living rock remains in LRC
    --Future Plans--
    1. Lava flow mine
    2. Fix LRC safezone waiting time
    3. Fix LRC remains mining while idle
    4. Fix up any LRC logic
    5. Reflex Recovery System
    6. High Alchemy or Super Heat at the mine
    7. Coal bags, gem bags, magic notepaper and essence pouches
    8. Gem cutting
    9. Smelt on the way to the bank (available in select locations)
    10. Wetting clay
    11. Runite world hopping
    12. Exia Direct Chat (EDC)

    Change Log:
    Bat Miner AIO updated to v1.0.0.
    1. Initial Mining logic

    New Locations:
    1. Dwarven mine iron

    Bat Miner AIO updated to v1.0.1.
    1. Basic GUI
    2. Code changes for additional locations

    New Locations:
    1. Dwarven mine coal
    2. Dwarven Resource Dungeon Coal

    Bat Miner AIO updated to v1.0.5.
    New Locations:
    1. East Varrock
    2. West Varrock

    Bat Miner AIO updated to v1.1.6.
    1. GUI now themes properly
    2. New location and ore selector
    3. Larger mining site are now properly handled when part of the mine is out of the currently loaded region
    4. Ores per hour
    5. Total ore count
    6. Profit per hour
    7. Walking to and from the bank is now less CPU intensive
    8. Hovering of the next rock is not quite as spastic
    9. Code has been pushed up the class hierarchy to make the download size smaller
    10. Fix for the occasional nullpointer that was the result of certain paths failing to load
    11. Large numbers on the paint are now formatted for easier reading
    12. When banking, the script bot should no longer wait until the player is no longer moving in order to click the banker

    New Locations:
    1. Al Kharid - Everything except iron since it requires a bit of custom work.

    Bat Miner AIO updated to v1.2.6.
    1. Switched around the profit per hour counter
    2. Fixed a few cases that may have occasionally resulted in a nullpointer
    3. Added total profit to the paint instead of total ores
    4. Code restructure in preparation for LRC support
    5. Better handling for larger mining sites

    New Locations:
    1. Shilo Village Gem mining.

    Bat Miner AIO updated to v1.3.6.
    1. Major improvement on CPU usage
    2. Added some more camera movement
    3. New dynamic reflex system
    4. Some additional anti-pattern randomization including:
    • Occasionally will mine an ore even if the inventory is full
    • Occasionally will time out early while waiting causing double clicking of rocks
    • Occasionally will right click instead of hovering the next rock
    5. Better usage of the player sense system, your player will now close the bank in different ways

    No new locations added.

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.4.0.
    1. Power mining
    • Mine one drop one style
    • Action bar support
    • It will setup the action bar if you have not done so already
    • Power dropping, which allows you to disable anti-ban for faster dropping
    • Optional radius based of the location of the player when the script bot is started
    2. OSRS support
    3. Back end changes for code clarity
    4. Filled out the current locations with all of their ores.
    5. Changed the name
    6. Just about every ore is supported for power mining in both RS3 and OSRS.
    7. Seren mining should now be possible.
    8. Fixed a rare null pointer that was a show stopper.

    New Locations:
    1. West Lumbridge
    2. East Limbridge
    3. Rimmington
    4. East Varrock (OSRS)
    5. West Varrock (OSRS)
    6. Al Kharid (OSRS)

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.4.1.
    1. A couple of bug fixes for power mining.
    2. Streamlined dropping methods (the power drop feature may be removed later since it is no longer that much faster).
    3. Fixed a concurrent modification error.

    New Locations:
    No new locations

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.4.2.
    1. Added a pretty cursor

    New Locations:
    1. LRC

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.4.3.
    1. Minor Tweaks and bug fixes
    2. Allow pickaxes to be in the inventory [OSRS]
    3. Porter support [RS3]
    4. Urn support [RS3]
    5. Walk to bank option (Save energy by walking while the inventory is full) [OSRS/RS3]
    6. Fix ores/hr being calculated off exp [OSRS/RS3]
    7. Fixed a bug that made coal unminable [OSRS]
    9. Fixed up some sleeps in Powermining [OSRS/RS3]
    10. Added death walk to LRC [RS3]

    New Locations:
    1. Mining Guild [OSRS/RS3]
    2. Banking a Duel Arena in Al Kharid [OSRS/RS3]

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.4.4.
    1. Tons of fixes for Null Pointers
    2. Fixed Power mining's use of the action bar
    3. Fixed Seren stones being ignored

    New Locations:
    No new locations

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.4.5.
    1. Updated OSRS Colors - Thanks: @kneckter
    2. Tweaks to pathing
    3. Removed old API calls
    4. Tweaks to a lot of timings
    5. Added an option to drop gems when power mining
    6. Darkscape support

    New Locations:
    1. Lumbridge East - Thanks: @kneckter
    2. Rimmington - Tweaked by @kneckter

    In Testing:
    1. Lumbridge West - Thanks: @kneckter
    2. Barbarian Village - Thanks: @kneckter

    Updated Locations:
    1. Al Kharid - Thanks: @kneckter

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.4.6.
    1. Fixed Nullpointer issue with Viewport paths
    2. Fixed the name on the paint
    3. Fixed the issue that was causing the player to get stuck while banking in East Falador

    New Locations:
    1. Lumbridge West - Thanks: @kneckter
    2. Barbarian Village - Thanks: @kneckter
    3. Barbarian Village - Thanks: @kneckter

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.4.7.
    1. Fixed a typo in the level up desktop notification - Thanks @Guru

    New Locations:
    1. Yanille - Thanks @Guru

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.5.0.
    1. Fixed a null pointer with the error handler.
    2. Fixed the issue where an item would be selected while dropping, and the bot would hang in OSRS powermining.
    3. Fixed issue where a rock off screen would be attempted to be hovered, leading to a stack overflow in the mouse api.
    4. Fixed a null pointer in the profit counter.
    5. The Error Handler should now print suppressed exceptions to the developer log.

    New Locations:
    1. Monastery - Thanks: @kneckter
    2. Yanille - Thanks: @kneckter
    3. Legends Guild - Thanks: @kneckter
    4. Varrock East Essence Mining - Thanks: @kneckter

    1. Monastery - Thanks: @kneckter
    2. Yanille - Thanks: @kneckter
    3. Legends Guild - Thanks: @kneckter
    4. Varrock East Essence Mining - Thanks: @kneckter

    Exia Miner AIO updated to v1.5.1.
    1. Fixed GUI so it no longer crashes if the user is not logged in.
    2. Migrated the paint so it is now embedded in the UI.
    3. Fixed the paint querying for EXP and causing a crash since it is not on a Bot Thread.
    4. New pretty JFX reflex graph (The animations on it are sexy if you get to an 8 hour run time and watch it update).
    5. Fixed some sizing issues with the GUI.
    6. Cleaned up some old pre-spectre commented out code
    Progress reports:
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheRealSnowflake
    Version: 1.5.1
    Worked flawlessly for my time at Varock West (Iron and Clay) and Rimmington (Iron and Clay). However, sometimes gets stuck clicking the pure poison on the health icon instead of on the map and sits there continuously getting the you dont need to be cured response. Also, varock east does not work at all, gets stuck halfway between bank and mining site.
  2. Singh King
    Singh King
    Version: 1.5.1
    this bot got me banned
  3. Puresqes
    Version: 1.5.1
    good job on making this thank you very much
  4. Hlg Vassago
    Hlg Vassago
    Version: 1.5.1
    Also it wont deposit into the bank no matter which bank i try, i have to pause the bot to even allow my character to use the right click menu because the bot will unclick it instantly.
  5. hatboy10
    Version: 1.5.1
    needs the paths for the player to be more accurate. my character keeps stopping in random places for no reason. also, i kinda want an ore counter on the instance page/menu.
  6. Buttman6969
    Version: 1.5.1
    I really like the banking features of this script. I want to keep using it to power level, but the powermining is as other people have mentioned, gets stuck on "Waiting for ore to respawn" perhaps the code has it look at ore that's spawned and somehow deems it unspawned? Not sure, but would love to have some power mining by this author as he/she knows exactly what you need in terms of mining. 5 stars for sure if that part of it worked. It also does get hung up in the banks sometimes, and just sits there, but experienced that only a few times.
  7. Elijah Strongsmith
    Elijah Strongsmith
    Version: 1.5.1
    It drops ores... but does not power mine coal at barbarian village :-(
  8. bosw8ter1
    Version: 1.5.1
    Its pretty decent, but it has the tendacy to missclick sometimes. This creates pretty big errors, for example: When I mine iron in al kharid, it sometimes missclickes and the character walks outside the mining pit... this costs me like 30 seconds untill I am back in the mining pit
  9. Negrita
    Version: 1.5.1
    The bot truly surprised me in the mining guild. Ran for +10 hours, almost flawless. I also got more ores/xp then i anticipated from it.
  10. Shemmiee
    Version: 1.5.1
    Works pretty well a little clunky at times but best you can get right now