ezWineGrabber Lite 3.0.3

Fund your alcoholism stealing wine from monks!

  1. b0ss0wn3r
    Telegrabs wine at the chaos temple and banks, limited to 30 wines.

    • Smart world hoping based off number of people and grab ratio
    • Smart banking at Falador
    • Anti-bans
    • Quick timing to snag wines
    • GUI with basic statistics
    • 150k-290k p/h depending on latency on f2p worlds
    • Easily 300k+ p/h on members worlds
    • Make sure to have an abundance of law runes and water runes in your inventory
    • Have an air staff equipped
    • Start at chaos temple or Falador
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Recent Reviews

  1. AbraziveGaming
    Version: 3.0.3
    Doesnt work
  2. darllarna
    Version: 3.0.3
    Works, but on 10 hp accounts it fails. Please make it so it can grab the wine upstairs (500 total) would pay for this script if it did