Fabreze Cannoner[BETA] 2.2.2

Who knew loading cannons would be such a breeze

  1. Fabreze
    Get easy afk cannon xp on any attackable NPC, just set your cannon location and let the Fabreze Cannoner do the rest!

    • Dwarf Multicanon
    • Telegrab
    • Alchemy
    • Loots any item
    • Safespotting
    • Special Attack
    • All food
    • Buries all bones
    • Supports all attackable NPC's
    • Strength, Attack, Defence, Ranged, Magic potions supported
    • Prayer potions supported
    • Safe logout upon running out of food/cannon balls
    • XP Tracker
    • Save Profiles
    • Banking**

    ** - Uses WebPathing, so to ensure the bot does not get stuck and lose your cannon, test that WebPathing covers the area you wish to use it in!

Recent Reviews

  1. T3rminal
    Version: 2.2.2
    works great just just need a lot of baby sitting, not sure why it keeps clicking to alch item but dosent alch over and over again when cannon becomes empty will do this untill i pause complete the alch and hit resume then it will fill up cannon and start alching again
  2. Costy
    Version: 2.2.2
    It work very good but for som reason now it do not have a interface enimore, make it premium and il still use it :D
  3. Thompie18
    Version: 2.2.2
    This bot is amazing, It's perfect for training slayer
    Would it be possible to add a feature where it will automatically log out after x amount of enemies? Because now it keeps attacking enemies even after my slayer task is done. This isn't to great if I'm fighting in a slayer cave.

    Anyways does what it needs to do to perfection.
  4. harmaapatu
    Version: 2.2.2
    4/5 stars rating from me! Works great but lacks the opportunity to take breaks automatically.
  5. Curls
    Version: 2.2.2
    Its Great, I would pay for this. Could you please look into faster looting. so I don't die so much. *donate
  6. toby123123
    Version: 2.2.2
    This bot is absolutely flawless. I never reviewed a bot before but I felt like I have to for this one. Whoever made this bot is a genius. It has helped me get through slayer so easily without touching my computer. The only thing I'd recommend is to turn the fighting radius down to nearly 0 and let the cannon drag the monsters to you otherwise your character will attack things too far away from cannon.
  7. Mightyo
    Version: 2.2.2
    It's really good! but I would love an option to use super combat potion/divine super combat potions
  8. BallBag
    Version: 2.2.2
    Perfect. I used High alching with cannon & it was averaging 30k range and about 70k mage per hour. Super efficient. If it had breaks, it would be perfect. Cannot complain at all as it's free.
  9. Milking rs
    Milking rs
    Version: 2.2.2
    this is legit one of the best bots ive ever used, super simple and cannons great and alchs same time, great xp, only thing to note for the editor is it does not recognize lava runes as a source of fire runes and will only alch with fire runes in the inventory, if you can fix that thatd be great
  10. fattdogs
    Version: 2.2.2
    Went from 50-80 cannoning Ogres above Ardy.... Came back after my usual 3 hour session, and it stopped because "No cannon base found in inventory".... Logged on and had lost my cannon. It did great every other time I used it, but now I need a new cannon.