Fabreze Motherlode Miner 3.0.5

Who knew Motherlode Mining would be such a breeze

  1. Fabreze
    Plays Motherlode Miner, mines pay-dirt, deposits ores and even fixes the wheel when broken.

    • 30 Mining for lower level
    • 72 Mining for upper level

    • Functional UI with XPTracker
    • Stop Timer
    • "All" Default Bank Withdraw/Deposit mode support
    • Wheel repair
    • Upper Level Mining
    • AFK Mode supports 81 and 162 sack sizes
    • Break Handler

    Mining Location Options:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bobness
    Version: 3.0.5
    sometimes stops for no reason, camera angles are not human at all, sometimes my char is on the other side of a wall and it still clicks to mine. Scared to use this one, but keep updating it, gl
  2. Epiids
    Version: 3.0.5
    Got banned.
  3. cdavies
    Version: 3.0.5
    bot literally wont run. Mine's a full inv and just freezes.
  4. leggors
    Version: 3.0.5
    Slow as hell. Botty movement. Sometimes doesn't even start so I gotta waste money restarting. Fantastic bot.
  5. Jmoneyz
    Version: 3.0.5
    So it works pretty seamlessly except when it doesn't, like other people say. It was running for about 5 hours without any issue before I somehow got a Genie lamp in my inventory (assuming the bot misclicked somehow). Anyway using the "Bank all" option the bot just stood at the bank for like 7 hours trying to deposit a lamp into the bank (which it cant). Also if it gets stuck in any loops like that it prioritizes retrying the action over logging out at your desired run time so don't leave it too long.
  6. RickMS
    Version: 3.0.5
    It works EXCEPT when it doesn't. I ran it perfectly for many hours but sometimes it will run beside the sack back and forth forever and get stuck so you HAVE to babysit
    1. Fabreze
      Author's Response
      Could you give me some more details in a pm please
  7. Bananaboi69
    Version: 3.0.2
    for the last few months this bot has worked fine but recently there is a bug where the bot moves from the sack to the afk spot back and forth, it was doing this for 5 hours and i got hit with a temp ban first 1 on my ironmen avoid this untill the bot is updated
    1. Fabreze
      Author's Response
      Must’ve bugged out when it was depositing into the hopper because that behavior indicates that it thought there was still paydirt/ore in the conveyor
  8. boots123
    Version: 3.0.2
    3rd Updated review :

    probably the most efficient motherlode bot without pushing that line between super bot like or too human, a good balance.
    have tested on all levels, throughout the last few updates. gets stuck occasionally, but the author will look into it pretty quickly.
  9. bhal128
    Version: 3.0.1
    So theres alot of potential with this bot, but I havent found the ideal setting to run it yet.

    Have to baby sit the bot because bag will fill to 84 slots but bot mins another inventory instead of emptying and will try to keep adding paydirt to full sack.

    When I change the option avoid waiting for a full sack it gets frozen at my bank screen. Currently having to check every 10-15 min and fix when it gets stuck.

    Would also be nice to have an option to drop gems/clues, or to correct itself when trying to add to a full hopper.
    1. Fabreze
      Author's Response
      Yea im not sure why it gets stuck at the bank im in the process of investigating that, as for the gems yea i might add that in, as for the bag being overfilled, i’ll look into that too not sure how that could happen though i tested it pretty thoroughly and never ran into that issue....
  10. DisTankGirl
    Version: 3.0.0
    Love this bot.
    Only true complaint, is it will sometimes freeze up while in the bank.
    Not too huge of an issue, since I have only seen it happen twice.
    Keep this amazing bot alive!