Fayre Activities 1.1.0

Easy Fayre

  1. tyb51
    Get your easy exp and tickets with this bot.

    -Does all free minigames available during happy hour:
    • Agility funhouse (Agility)
    • FUCKING Baroo (Defence)
    • Candy floss machine (Cooking)
    • Dancing Platform (Prayer)
    • Easter Egg Shy (Ranged)
    • Helter Skelter (Constitution)
    • Hook-a-Duck (Hunter)
    • Pickaxe wanging (Mining)
    • Test of strength machine (Strength)
    • The Mighty Zoltan (Divination)
    - Has a build in check for happy hour: starts and stops during these hours so you won't loose tickets (can be disabled
    - It's FREE: so use it while the event is up

    Known issues and other:
    - Agility funhouse can't be started half way in: just stand anywhere else
    - Please report bugs and hiccups in the thread below

Recent Reviews

  1. Dekaru
    Version: 1.1.0
    so far it's good but it works about 1/3 times. sometimes it freezes up if for some reason it opens the interface for all hook a duck options. also if u have it log on for you and then it doesnt seem to work that way either. but once it gets started it usually works well although it freezes on the options. it will hover the option u selected and then wait about 10 seconds before clicking.
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      i will do some testing for hook a duck! Please report bugs in the discussion thread so I can look into them
  2. chris121
    Version: 1.1.0
    Fayre Activities gets the job done!