Firefoxes locust riders killer 1.0.0

Killing locust riders

  1. Firefoxes
    Kills locust riders with melee, collects and banks valuable loot.
    You'll need bass as a food, super combat potions, lit torch and tinderbox.
    Make sure you have all the items in the bank. Start it near bankers and dungeon enter. Use any equipment you like.
    Bot will loot and bank valuables.
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Recent Reviews

  1. hyponotoad
    Version: 1.0.0
    it eats almost every time it takes damage, it gets stuck at the side of the bank spam clicking infront of the bank and cant move
    1. Firefoxes
      Author's Response
      It eats if it has full inventory and there are valuable drop on the ground. As for stuck - could you please send me a screenshot so i could fix it? Thank you!