Fizz Plank Maker 1.1.9

Make bank with plank.

  1. Fizzell
    Makes any-plank runs in Varrock and WC Guild.

    • All 4 planks supported
    • WC Guild and Varrock sawmill
    • Extra anti-pattern behaviour
    • Great stability
    • Blazing fast & precise menu interaction

    Setup and best practices

    • Have logs and gold visible in bank, or in inventory
    • Have enough gold for your planks
    • Weight reduction + agility helps with speed

    Future updates
    - Break handler
    - Taking user suggestions

Recent Reviews

  1. maattyboo
    Version: 1.1.9
    Very good, just has stopped working for the past 2 hours so please fix ASAP! Loving your stuff though :)
  2. bignick
    Version: 1.1.9
    By far best planker I've ever used hope to see more from this dev!!!!!
  3. hardy
    Version: 1.1.9
    subtracts all logs as notes and shuts down bot with an error, for the time being, non-functional bot