Galaxy Div 0.1.4

Harvest them all

  1. Boot
    Welcome to Galaxy Div
    Break handler and cursed is not supported


    • Auto switch Wisp on div level
    • Cast Boon before switching
    • Web walking
    Set up:
    • Click Settings
    • Click the Harvest button
    • "Highest Tier Wisp" and "Enhanced Experience" are the default options.
      • Choose "Always use best Wisp" if you want the bot to automatically switched based on div level
    If you have issues please report them here. This is a beta version and I plan to finish the rest of the features soon enough.

Recent Reviews

  1. MyLifeAsMhrrm
    Version: 0.1.4
    Better than AuxiDivination.
    For the people who say "doesn´t recognize cursed wisp", this bot isn´t updated before a long time, if you´re not happy, do it yourself
  2. dillonj1
    Version: 0.1.4
    need to be updated badly...
  3. Luis gomes
    Luis gomes
    Version: 0.1.4
    your bot is the best free, please update
  4. Klaymor64
    Version: 0.1.4
    Description says "Harvests Everything", yet there is no option for Cursed Energy and the bot doesn't recognize Cursed Wisps whatsoever.

    False Advertising, Homie.
    1. Boot
      Author's Response
      You're right. I'll change it to except Cursed lol.
  5. Fatal Ronin
    Fatal Ronin
    Version: 0.1.4
    Works well , the problem I had is at various random points it would fill the inventory after harvesting and then just freeze or stop processing and never click to clear the inventory into experience. Overall pretty well made though!
  6. PBButIron
    Version: 0.1.2
    Amazing bot, only thing its missing is urn teleporting. Best div bot available if you add urn support.
    1. Boot
      Author's Response
      Isn't there an option in rs3 to automatically teleport urns?
  7. HazeEverest
    Version: 0.1.1
    Used mainly on brights, works very nicely
    1. Boot
      Author's Response
      Thank you!