Galaxy Graahk Natures

Makes nature runes using Graahk method

  1. Boot
    Galaxy Graahk Natures
    Disclaimer: I also don't play much anymore so I'm not up to date with the new new methods. If you have suggestions alternative methods/Locations please let me know and I will update it.

    Shout out to @S Cript for all the support testing before BETA public release and @Slex for willing to help and feedback so far.
    1. Edge Wilderness Sword 1
    2. 57 Summoning
    3. Spirit Graahk Pouches in bank
    4. Enough points to summon Graahk before start (Bot will take care of recharging points)
    5. Small, Medium, Large and Giant pouch in Inventory or bank
    6. Level 75 Rc'in or higher (Need to be able to use Giant pouch) - Will be changed in future relase
    7. Pure ess in bank (Bot will stop when it's out of pure ess)
    8. Wicked hood and money for repair in money pouch

    Set Up:

    1. Action bar set up (You can have Edgeville sword or Familiar in any slot just nothing else in other slots)
    2. Familiar option in action bar set to "Interact"
    3. Start in altar or selected Location bank
    4. Please make sure you have pouches in Inventory
    5. Please make sure you have these screens visible on your setup.[​IMG]
    6. Choose your location [​IMG]
    7. Hit start
    Pouch Repair:
    The bot repairs pouches by talking to wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting guild. He will repair Large Pouch (9k) or Giant Pouch (12k). He also gives you a medium pouch if you "lost" it. So, when medium pouch is degraded. The bot will destroy the medium pouch and get it back from wizard Korvak.

    Future Enhancements:
    1. Logout when out of essence DONE
    2. Repair Pouch with Lunar spell book
    3. Add Ring of Kinship support
    4. Add option to select which pouches to use or use based on level
    5. Add any additional methods

    Bug Reports:
    All bug reports should be posted here. This is my Bitbucket and I actively check the bug reports. You do not need to create an account to post a bug report. If you don't post a bug report, please don't get mad at me when it doesn't get fixed. Turn around time is pretty quick for bugs (Usually 1 day).

Recent Reviews

  1. Melly Melera
    Melly Melera
    Doesn't work at all. Does one step then completely stops.
  2. fishinghelp
    Cant run the script more than 2 hours TOPS before it getting stuck after teleporting with the graahk or for some reason stops at bank. Otherwise it is good i guess except it being slow but that might be runemates fault.
  3. zrow
    Bot work good, 4+ hours
    just had to babysit a little by moving the camera a bit, other than that, works perfect
  4. trekdoek
    don't work keep saying out of ess
  5. zerostar75
    Is the bot bugged? All i get is spinning green circle. Can Mods check to see if this still works?
    1. Boot
      Author's Response
      Couldn't you leave a message in the discussion thread rather than a review??
  6. Bot4Fun
    Run it for over 6 hours, sometimes gets stuck but that might be due to my own error. Overall an excellent script!
  7. opieopie
    Astonishing, extraordinary and incredible. Nothing more to be said.
  8. colton54
    Bot works flawlessly besides it cannot interact with the familiar option on action bar. Basically will not teleport to karamja. have everything set up as what you have shown.
    1. Boot
      Author's Response
      I've been running it for 2 hours now without issues. Can you send me a pic of your action bar? Honestly, this shouldn't be in the review section. This is meant for discussion.
  9. forbobo
    Flawless. Ran it for multiple 8hr+ sessions no problems at all. Great bot author that works with you to fix your specific problems until they're taken care of. Recommend everything this bot author makes b/c even if there's a problem it'll get fixed guaranteed.
  10. Slex
    Version: 1.1.2
    Works great. Still has some flaws but you are working your butt off to get em fixed. Keep up the good work!