Galaxy Spider Eggs 1.1.3

Ahhhhhh Spiders!

  1. Boot
    Welcome to Galaxy Spiders!

    Gold Farmer stability!

    • Spirit Spider Pouch​
    • Egg Spawn Scroll​
    • Summoning Potion​
    • Summoning Potion in Action bar​
    • Familiar in action bar (It must be after the potion)
    • Familiar left click option set to "Special Move"​
    • Start on a tile where all the surrounding tiles are clear​
    • The bot will pick up eggs only after there are enough eggs to fill an inventory. I would suggest running this in a secluded spot​
    • The bot will bank for summoning potions​
    • The bot will prioritize potions based on dose.​
    • The bot will logout once out of supplies OR idle for 5 minutes​
    • Have the special moves window open instead of chat​
    • Have lots of pouches, potions and scroll if you want to run long periods of time​
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Recent Reviews

  1. forbobo
    Version: 1.1.3
    Great bot, worked flawlessly after some fixes. Great bot author always willing to help and works tirelessly to fix your specific issues. Good money too with a req that only takes 5 mins.