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Gatsby Combat Helper (Paid) 1.8.7

Protect yourself against boss attacks!

  1. namedspeed
    Automatically protect yourself against supported bosses:
    ToA: Akkha, Zebak, Wardens
    ToB: Nylo Boss, Sotetseg, Verzik
    CoX: Olm
    DT2: Leviathan, Whisperer, Vardorvis
    Other: Nightmare, Phosani, Jad

    Conserve Prayer Points:

    1T flicks prayers when they're manually turned on. Enjoy a life of infinite prayer everywhere you go!

    Gear Switch Assis
    Swapping weapons will automatically switch your gear. Items in your inventory are checked for a match in your custom equipment list. Adding a "!" prefix will only equip those items when switching to a one handed weapon. Adding a "-" prefix will unequip those items. Holding the CTRL key while switching weapons will not initiate a gear switch.
    Example Configuration:
    Range Weapons: blowpipe, bow
    Range Equipment: masori, anguish, -primordial, !buckler

    RNG Assist:
    Includes additional RNG. Placebo not included.

    Now With AutoThrall Technology (Beta):
    Summons a Greater Ghostly Thrall when you attack *anything*.
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Recent Reviews

  1. copperzone
    Version: 1.8.7
    Just used it for TOA. This thing is the best. Still can't fix my bad luck tho. Just moved RNG booster to max so ill get purples for days. Amazing script and thank you
  2. xanth2257
    Version: 1.8.7
    best thing i have ever use, used for 4 days straight
  3. bigboibot62
    Version: 1.8.4
    Works as advertised, would be great if you could add more bosses such as zulruh, vorkath, cerberus, hunleif,
  4. Bankerman
    Version: 1.8.4
    Amazing script. However there are errors with the script since recent updates:

    When switching overhead prayers between mage and range etc, my prayer is getting drained. There is some delay where flicking stops when switching overheads that causes you to loser pray points, when this has never happened before ever.

    Also there is a weird interaction with the new combat helper that never occurred before. I use your bot for colosseum and when flicking a mage/ranger going from mage to range pray repeatedly, it will put my overhead back on mage without clicking when I need to be praying range. It worked perfectly all for while the colosseum was just released, but now since you updated it, it's causing error with faster pray switching
    1. namedspeed
      Author's Response
      Working on a fix for these, sorry about that
  5. FredLikesTraps
    Version: 1.8.3

    is it possible to add a feature that disables keybinding while in bank/interface/ge etc. it gets annoying have to disable it to find something in bank.

    P.S. the keybinding is still in beta and even without the keybindins it's a 5/5. for sure worth it.
    1. namedspeed
      Author's Response
      yeah removing keybinds while in bank is gonna be fixed in the next update. thank you for the feedback!
  6. ZerkSomething
    Version: 1.8.2
    Why would you remove the option to only 1t offensive prayers and not the overheads? Please give me this option again.
    1. namedspeed
      Author's Response
      I removed it because it doesn't do anything due to game mechanics. 1t-ing piety will still drain your prayer if you're camping another prayer.
  7. Sanguiniri
    Version: 1.7.14
    5 stars because this bot is ridiculous value and could easily be 10 cents an hour while I'd still happily pay for it.

    Points of feedback:
    Varlamore release seems to have broken the auto thrall feature, and it happens once in a blue moon that it misses a prayer flick on Zebak. My best theory there is that it's to do with being very far away from the boss when running from blood orbs.

    But yeah, this script is nuts. Heavily recommend it.
  8. Mindmylogic
    Version: 1.7.14
    I really can't say enough about the Combat Helper, amazing with pretty much any situation you throw at it, reason for 4 stars is when going into Ahkka pre-room and somebody else enters the boss room before, it will automatically start praying before even entering and it looks a bit sus to people who are keen. Other than that, amazing work.
  9. DJ1022
    Version: 1.7.14
    5/5 if he adds the ability to turn off prayers. I do not like having prayers on constantly. other than that solid bot!
    1. namedspeed
      Author's Response
      What? You can turn them off just like you normally would mate.
  10. MW2
    Version: 1.7.14
    Would be amazing if you could add Demonic Gorillas, GWD & maybe Zulrah. The more the merrier!