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Hexis Alch-Teleport 2.2.8

Big brain mode

  1. Swych
    You MUST carry Nature runes and Law runes
    The bot will ONLY teleport to Camelot
    The bot will ONLY cast High Alchemy on the item you give it
    The bot will stop when you have no Law runes or Nature runes
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Recent Reviews

  1. xchickiraa
    Version: 2.2.7
    It closes the mage spellbook ui and then the bot has to reopen it again. Its very sus where it can be done without closing or reopening any spellbook ui or inventory ui and slowing things drastically getting 90k exp/hr instead of 120k+/hr
  2. okezo
    Version: 2.2.5
    Amazing script, ran for 24 hours straight no breaks, no issues apart from it standing there once ive alched all my items, just be aware.
  3. fantasy44
    Version: 2.1.6
    Great bot. Got 99 mage & had it running for several hours no issues
  4. PWNography
    Version: 1.1.12
    Flawless as usual, got me bursting after 1 day of use
  5. Bannet
    Version: 1.1.9
    Great script, gives me a ratio of about 900 alches for every 1000 teleports and about 140k xp/h.
    Runs great. but must be started with magic book open and inventory correctly set up. :)
  6. Hig
    Version: 1.1.9
    It's 140 k xp per hour, but if you use it for 5 + hours it's a 2-day ban. I've tested it. As others mentioned, it equips bolts if you try to use them.

    I think it needs to have small built in breaks perhaps, it's like it's so efficient they detect it right away, although, it could also be player reports from people noticing you stood there for a long time.

    Although, I did the same method with an auto clicker, and got less xp, but no bans. So I'm pretty sure it's down to how efficient the script is, not sure if you could fix it.

    I wouldn't run this for more than an hour or so, sorry for the bad review, I just have to be honest.
  7. Notabotter0
    Version: 1.1.9
    Don't use bolts or arrows as it often equips them. Use noted Magic Longbows. XP is insane 140k hr thanks for the amazing script! :)
  8. i8bird
    Version: 1.1.7
    This bot works fine with long bows but dont use bolts as it will occasionally equip the bolts.
  9. Pesky Pest
    Pesky Pest
    Version: 1.1.7
    Quick and easy to use
  10. xraid3rxx
    Version: 1.1.7
    Runs smoothly. It's practically tick perfect after watching it for 15 minutes. In relation to human clicking.. Bot Resonsibly. Wouldn't let it run more than an hour without breaks.