Hexis Blackjacking LITE 1.3.12

Blackjack Jack Black in his whack back

  1. Swych
    Hexis Blackjacking Lite

    This version is restricted to 10 minutes at Bearded Bandits.
    Start in Pollnivneach with a blackjack, your noted food (if you're not buying Wines from the bar), and about 10k cash. I recommend running it in fixed mode as the bot will determine camera angles and zoom levels according to the current activity.

    I take no resposibility for this bot dying.


    • Lures targets if they escape​
    • Un notes food at the merchant in the town​
    • Buys wines from the bar and world hops if theres none in stock​
    • Hops if another player has crashed us​
    • Automatically finds the best worlds to hop to and prioritises them​
    • Playersensed AFK simulations​
    • Supports all Thugs and Bandits​
    • Intelligent combat handling​
    ... and many many more​

Recent Reviews

  1. Bess mil
    Bess mil
    Version: 1.3.6
    Bot is completly broken , do not use , YOU WILL GET BANNED

    ont top of that you will lose a couple of bucks trying to make it work.

    i would like a refund please.
  2. wetnoodles88
    Version: 1.3.4
    Ok here's the thing. This gives you CRAZY exp per hour. BUT, this does not dismiss or solve any random events. Not only that, but jagex will pick up on this bot very quickly. This looks like a bot, and acts like a bot. This is VERY dangerous to use. You have to babysit this thing constantly. I would've given it 3 stars but the exp per hour is just too good.
  3. pSavv
    Version: 1.3.4
    The script works flawlessly, XP gains like crazy! So far no ban