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Hexis Firemaker Lite 1.1.9

Burn Baby Burn!

  1. Swych
    Traditional firemaking bot. Opens the bank, gets your logs, and burns them. Easy!

Recent Reviews

  1. neoxue
    Version: 1.1.3
    Works well, but when heading to the set cords or bank. It will randomly click multiple times for no reason. I'd be worried using it for awhile due to that.
  2. agilityosrs
    Version: 1.1.3
    used this for 3 hours.. so far its okay.. but randomly logged off on me .. requires babysitting.. fally east bank is only option that works flawless. doesnt work well in GE
  3. ixyz12
    Version: 1.0.3
    Works kinda good.... gets stuck withdrawing at bank 50% of the time.

    Also if youre firemaking at ge, it won't go out far enough and it'll eventually hit the banker tile and itll try to light a fire over and over again. Same thing with Varrock West bank. Only options is banks with lots of room like Falador East Bank.. (Or varrock east bank probably, but havent tried ). Once it gets going, it works fine
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      The bot takes a tile that you give it. If that tile isn't good, or doesn't work well, that's not really on the bot? I personally Firemake using Varrock west bank from the fountain and it ends up near the bank by the time it's finished.

      Withdrawing shouldn't be an issue, what do you mean by it gets stuck? Is it stuck with the bank open or is it struggling to open the bank in the first place?