Hexis Pest Control PRO 1.4.4

For that Void in your life... and your gear

  1. Swych
    Hexis Pest Control PRO
    Completes Pest Control. Featured-packed. Highly customisable. All Landers, Dharoks, Quick-Prayers, and more!

    Only carry your special attack weapon (if using one) and your potions. Carrying any other items may result in unexpected behavior.



Recent Reviews

  1. OSRSYouLoveLag
    Version: 1.4.4
    Was banned after just 90 minutes of use.

    Bot movement needs upgrading.
    -1. moves to fast boarding ships after games, seems bot like.
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      Lol? How is this a fair review? You got banned for botting and your complaint is that it's too good? Okay dude, glad you bot banned. Gonna delete this dumbass review after people see how dumb you are
  2. connordale1995
    Version: 1.4.2
    Gets stuck on walking too the bank everytime
  3. bumbeam
    Version: 1.4.0
    Ran it for 7 hours with 2 small 5 minute breaks and got banned. Only script I used is this one on the acc that got banned.
  4. jamie ox4
    jamie ox4
    Version: 1.3.2
    Bot runs well overall however there are some minor improvements that could be made.

    When protecting the knight, if you get drawn out of the gate and someone shuts it behind you, your character runs around to re enter. Would be better to program to open the gate.

    Getting back on the boat isn’t as fast as it could be, often it sat waiting for the next game.

    Portal hunter runs well should prioritise spinners before portal

    Pest hunter should stop attacking splatters and add prioritise spinners.

    Other than that it’s been running for 2 and a half hours now with no real faults. Great bot. Remember everyone bot responsibily
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      Thank you for all the feedback.
      Protecting the Knight I can work with, that seems straight forward.
      Getting back into the boat has always been fast for me which is weird, it might miss a tick or two but that shouldn't be an issue really. I'll look and see if I can improve anything.
      Portal Hunter will always prioritise Spinners since a few updates ago, I did a big rework of target prioritisation.
      Pest Hunter is a difficult one because I've found that if I start to be picky with what it prioritises then it drops activity levels and could cost you points.
  5. Amko
    Version: 1.3.1
    Been using it for the past few days, mostly good so far but there were a few times the account gets stuck trying to attack something behind a closed gate. Thankfully the bot stopped after too many of the same interaction.

    00:15:33 WARN We've repeated the following action 51 times with a limit of 50. Attack -> Brawler (level-129)
    00:15:33 INFO We think we might have got stuck. Stopping to prevent any bans.
    01:54:59 WARN We've repeated the following action 51 times with a limit of 50. Open -> Gate
    01:54:59 INFO We think we might have got stuck. Stopping to prevent any bans.
  6. Seppe93
    Version: 1.2.10
    Bot breaks when it needs to take ranging pots out of bank. just shuts off, also when u pick the option "protect the middle dude" it only attacks mobs wich come on the platform where he stands. Doesnt attack ranged mobs which are coming trough the wooden doors. The other options run fine :)
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      Hey! I’ve done a lot of updates in it today and I think I’ve made a lot of improvements. Please try it again and let me know what you think!

      Ranging potions are now fully supported too.
  7. dexalot
    Version: 1.2.1
    works great!
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      That's what I like to hear!
  8. owenlar
    Version: 1.2.1
    really good bot however not sure if its the update today but it keeps stopping after 5-20 mins saying we think we might have got stuck. Bot is running fine so not sure why its doing this, also im being charged per time im starting it which is like 3-4 hours now for about 1 hour. Overall good bot though hope this gets fixed soon
  9. urmomsuglyaf
    Version: 1.1.10
    Got full void set including all 3 helms over a few days off and on, never had an issue, I definitely recommend, though, always practice safe botting.
  10. Jmears4
    Version: 1.1.9
    Basically if you just set it to run, No pots or settings etc it works like a fuckin dream. Good work
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the comment. I'll do some testing with spec attacks and potions and stuff as that should be working.