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Hexis Pest Control PRO 2.3.1

For that Void in your life... and your gear

  1. Swych
    Hexis Pest Control PRO
    Completes Pest Control. Featured-packed. Highly customisable. All Landers, Dharoks, Quick-Prayers, and more!

    Only carry your special attack weapon (if using one) and your potions. Carrying any other items may result in unexpected behavior.



Recent Reviews

  1. rangTang
    Version: 2.3.0
    It works but you have to babysit it. Not worth the money. Have messaged the Developer about bugs found but they have never responded.
  2. Levixlush
    Version: 2.2.11
    I'm definitely willing to have this review changed, but currently, it doesn't use quick prayers, doesn't use pots, and a lot of times it just stands still in certain areas (depending on what method of attack you pick) and does nothing. I've checked my NPC attack settings, everything is what it should be. I have found unchecking all the pot selections, quick prayers, and spec attack, it'll pretty consistently attack stuff now. So something is broken there. Sometimes it'll start to run back and forth as well I think when you have focus portals on. I used this for about 50 hours so far and 40 of that was melee training, didn't have much of an issue with attacking there, but it still rarely used my quick prayers or used pots.

    Bot works great when it wants to...and you can still get points from it standing there, but really hurts XP wise when it doesn't want to do anything.
  3. Playing RS is Gay
    Playing RS is Gay
    Version: 2.2.11
    On portal chasing, maybe disable running from East to West, in games when that happens I generally get no points. Also, would be helpful if on void defense it would branch out a little towards the end of the game to make sure it gets enough activity to earn points. Pest hunter is the most consistent mode, just runs around killing shit lol. Good bot, would love to see the quirks fixed up.
  4. Neon Viper
    Neon Viper
    Version: 2.2.11
    It's not bad. I recommend if you need points bad.
  5. routaprkle
    Version: 2.2.8
    Works good now, maybe the lates update fixed the issues.
  6. polander
    Version: 2.2.5
    As the previous review stated, bot just runs next to a portal and then idles without attacking anything.

    I made sure my attack options were set correctly and disabled EVERY runelite plugin and the bot still had the same issue.
    Version: 2.1.9
    doesnt work, no matter what settings i try bot ust runs next to portal or knight and stands there doesnt attack any npcs
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      Definitely something on your end mate. Please check out your plugins on Runelite and disable all of them, restart RuneMate, and try again. Also check if your NPC attack options are hidden... it's happened before. Sorry.
  8. PWNography
    Version: 1.4.5
    Only concern is it's too good that people might suspect something
  9. bumbeam
    Version: 1.4.0
    Ran it for 7 hours with 2 small 5 minute breaks and got banned. Only script I used is this one on the acc that got banned.
  10. jamie ox4
    jamie ox4
    Version: 1.3.2
    Bot runs well overall however there are some minor improvements that could be made.

    When protecting the knight, if you get drawn out of the gate and someone shuts it behind you, your character runs around to re enter. Would be better to program to open the gate.

    Getting back on the boat isn’t as fast as it could be, often it sat waiting for the next game.

    Portal hunter runs well should prioritise spinners before portal

    Pest hunter should stop attacking splatters and add prioritise spinners.

    Other than that it’s been running for 2 and a half hours now with no real faults. Great bot. Remember everyone bot responsibily
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      Thank you for all the feedback.
      Protecting the Knight I can work with, that seems straight forward.
      Getting back into the boat has always been fast for me which is weird, it might miss a tick or two but that shouldn't be an issue really. I'll look and see if I can improve anything.
      Portal Hunter will always prioritise Spinners since a few updates ago, I did a big rework of target prioritisation.
      Pest Hunter is a difficult one because I've found that if I start to be picky with what it prioritises then it drops activity levels and could cost you points.