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Hexis Superglass Maker Lite 1.1.9

Not just good... S U P E R

  1. Swych
    Makes Molten glass at any Bank chest.

    Restricted to 1 hour per week.

    Setup instructions
    1. Stand next to any bank chest
    2. Withdraw all items required for casting Superglass make
      1. The bot supports any combination of spell items. Ideally, you would use a Smoke battlestaff and have Astral runes in your inventory or a Rune pouch.
    3. Remove all placeholders from items you don't want to deposit e.g. your Astral runes/Rune pouch
    4. Fill the bank with placeholders
    The bot will configure the sand amount option for you.

    The bot lets you set the number of Giant seaweed and buckets of sand to use. For best results, I recommend using 3 giant seaweed and 18 buckets of sand.

    For ironmen, the bot has an option to pick up any dropped glass.

    This bot does not support soda ash, seaweed, or any other form of material. This bot does not purchase ash from Trader Crewmembers, it requires bulk material to be already in your bank.

    For best results, use Direct Input.