Hexis Tithe Farm Lite 2.1.13

No added preservatives

  1. Swych
    This version is locked to Golovanova seeds (Level 34). Upgrade to the PRO version to unlock all seeds!
    Hexis Tithe Farm Lite

    Sails through Tithe Farm. Customisable 16 or 20 lanes, world hopping, and more!

    • Seed dibber, Spade, Energy restores (if using them), and AT LEAST 10 WATERING CANS or Gricollers' in the bank or inventory.​
    • A positive mental attitude​
    • Must report bugs on the bot thread or Discord server to avoid being kappa'd.​


    • Choose from a 16x5 or 20x5 plant pattern designed to aid those will slow internet or pcs.​
    • Supports all seeds​
    • Supports world hopping to prevent crashing (will ping every world + pick from the lowest ones to hop to)​
    • Supports Gricoller's and Watering cans​
    • Will bank for resources when you're out​
    • Basic crash support. The bot will hop if someone has planted in our patches or if theres more than X players in the farm (only if the setting is enabled in the UI).​


Recent Reviews

  1. Andrew Currie
    Andrew Currie
    Version: 1.1.10
    Does all 5 lanes and grabs new seeds after a full round. No complaints
  2. Sol Invictus
    Sol Invictus
    Version: 1.1.10
    The bot does 1 round flawlessly but crashes every time without fail on the next one, resulting in having to restart the bot every 15 minutes.
    Version: 1.1.7
    Works great. The only issue is that for the first row on the south side, it keeps watering on the west side of it instead of the east so it can effectively water both patches. This causes a loss in 1-4 fruits per round.
  4. Lwwis Cornf
    Lwwis Cornf
    Version: 1.1.6
    Works perfect on both 4 and 5 lanes,
    Will be purchasing the pro version once i reach the required farming for higher tier seeds
  5. jake07589
    Version: 1.0.14
    Great bot only issue is that is doesn't grab seeds from the table anymore it just spams attempting to enter the farm. Needs to be updated, otherwise it is GREAT
  6. kaliados
    Version: 1.0.11
    Great bot, very precise. Anything over >~100ms it seems better to just do the 16, and not the 20.

    Only concern I've noticed is the refilling of Watering cans is kind of un-natural. As the refilling action is only needed once, but it will re-select each empty watering cans "manually" as if it doesn't automatically. Just having it idle until the refilling animation is done + no more empty watering cans.
  7. rookief
    Version: 1.0.10
    Works decently well, got my full farmer's outfit
    One problem I see is that it misses the first patch often, be it planting seed or harvesting. Sometimes it doesn't plant the seed, leaving 1 seed left at the end of the run. I did observe once when it didn't harvest the fully grown plant and it rotted away.
  8. Lighthearted
    Version: 1.0.8
    A pretty decent lite version of a bot, that is avaliable for free for all users!

    There were some issues with hang ups specifically with being unable to find minimap coordinates "unsupported: Coordinate.Minimap(11300, 7965, 0)" and spamming the minimap every so often in order to run back to the beginning but otherwise worked really smoothly!
  9. altim
    Version: 1.0.7
    1. Swych