Hexis Wintertodt LITE 1.2.7

Let get lit

  1. Noah
    Hexis Wintertodt Lite

    A Wintertodt bot packed with features. Supports all axes, food, and locations and wont let you down.

    Limited to 15 minutes per run time, this bot can do everything the Pro bot does, just with an added time restriction. Test the Pro version here!

    Start in the Wintertodt area. Have an axe, hammer, tinderbox, knife (if Fletching), and food in your bank or inventory.

    How to use the GUI
    Game settings
    Fletch logs: Choose to fletch the Bruma roots into Kindling before burning
    Skip games when X%: If you enter a game which is currently in progress, the bot will wait for the next game if the health is below the percentage
    Burn at end of round: Burn your remaining inventory when the Wintertodt health gets low
    Chop/Fletch in safe tile: Chop and fletch in a tile where the snowfall can't damage you

    Food settings
    Food: Choose the food. you want to use to heal yourself with
    Eat food at X%: Eat the food when your health is below this percentage
    Amount: The amount of food to withdraw from the bank
    Minimum amount: The minimum amount of food you should have in your inventory before starting a game
    Heal to full health after banking: After a game, heal to full health before returning

    Brazier settings

    Brazier position: Choose which Brazier to sit at
    Light brazier at start of round: When the round starts, light the brazier for extra points instead of chopping

    Progress reports

Recent Reviews

  1. AndyLyYT
    Version: 1.2.7
    I cant see the start button please fix that stat
    1. Noah
      Author's Response
      Restart runemate
  2. Death Gun
    Death Gun
    Version: 1.2.1
    Works pretty well for what it's made for. I was only getting around 700 points by hand but with this I easily get 1300+ points per round.
    1. Noah
  3. masonius
    Version: 1.2.1
    plays the game great then gets stuck at the bank chest forever