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Hexis Wintertodt LITE 2.2.20

Let get lit

  1. Swych
    Hexis Wintertodt Lite

    A Wintertodt bot packed with features. Supports all axes, food, and locations and wont let you down.

    Limited to 15 minutes per run time, this bot can do everything the Pro bot does, just with an added time restriction. Test the Pro version here!

    Start in the Wintertodt area. Have an axe, hammer, tinderbox, knife (if Fletching), and food in your bank or inventory.

    How to use the GUI
    Game settings
    Fletch logs: Choose to fletch the Bruma roots into Kindling before burning
    Skip games when X%: If you enter a game which is currently in progress, the bot will wait for the next game if the health is below the percentage
    Burn at end of round: Burn your remaining inventory when the Wintertodt health gets low
    Chop/Fletch in safe tile: Chop and fletch in a tile where the snowfall can't damage you

    Food settings
    Food: Choose the food. you want to use to heal yourself with
    Eat food at X%: Eat the food when your health is below this percentage
    Amount: The amount of food to withdraw from the bank
    Minimum amount: The minimum amount of food you should have in your inventory before starting a game
    Heal to full health after banking: After a game, heal to full health before returning

    Brazier settings

    Brazier position: Choose which Brazier to sit at
    Light brazier at start of round: When the round starts, light the brazier for extra points instead of chopping

    Progress reports

Recent Reviews

  1. dtalurking
    Version: 2.1.8
    Bot will sit and try to chop logs even with full inventory, very bot like behavior
  2. mrd3ll
    Version: 1.5.10
    Bot (nulls) or when it does work, it won't heal resulting in ALOT of deaths. Waste of time.
  3. dbraly
    Version: 1.5.6
    Works great, overall good bot. The downside is i got banned after 2 hours.
  4. Erik1
    Version: 1.5.5
    Worked fine for a few days and then all of a sudden stopped banking for food and died a lot. Then got banned less than 24 hours later on 2 accounts. Never used a single other script only this one. Also botted a lot less during the last 3 days. Some days not a all. Maybe if hadn't stopped banking for food and died a lot, it might of still been going.
  5. mouse5252
    Version: 1.5.4
    Bot still chops roots after taking cold damage. It's clicking speed is just enough that it will sometimes attempt to relight the brazzier, usually at the start of the round and mid round, still usually get's the xp but delays feeding till it rescans for actions. It also seems to want to fletch by clicking on the knife then the logs and fails to do so the first time, but clicks the logs and succeeds on the second attempt. Runs well otherwise.
  6. DixonUrButt
    Version: 1.4.5
    Does a great job at WT! 2 weird things I've noticed with this bot.

    1. At the start it'll light the brazier, run to cut 1 or 2 roots then burn then it returns to cutting a full inventory.

    2. It spam clicks chop roots. This is unnecessary as cold damage does not cancel the cutting option.

    Would these result in a ban?
    1. Swych
      Author's Response
      That's... strange. Neither of those are intended behavior, except only when the Wintertodt's health is low and it's trying to deposit stuff before the Wintertodt's health drops to 0.

      Can I ask if you use Runelite or the vanilla client? Please join my Discord server so I can help ya out with this :) https://discord.gg/hFUXEJZQhD
  7. My Revenge
    My Revenge
    Version: 1.2.17
    Works when Wintertodt boss is active, but in the timer beforehand bot just runs in an out of boss room until boss is active.
  8. Death Gun
    Death Gun
    Version: 1.2.1
    Works pretty well for what it's made for. I was only getting around 700 points by hand but with this I easily get 1300+ points per round.
    1. Swych
  9. masonius
    Version: 1.2.1
    plays the game great then gets stuck at the bank chest forever