hPyramidPlunder 1.1.2

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  1. Hakuna Matata
    Start with the following items in your inventory:
    • A charged pharaoh's sceptre.
    • Falador teletabs (the more, the better)
    • If your pharaoh's sceptre only has 1 charge left, you need to bring 12 stone or 6 gold artefacts to recharge it.
    Not advised to be used on a low level character. Food is not supported, uses falador bank to heal.
    The low level rooms are supported but you will probably not get enough artifacts to recharge the sceptre.

    Planned features:
    • Support for every pyramid room
    • Skiller and low level support
    • Summoning familiars
    • Sceptre of Gods support, both looting and using it
    If you have any other ideas, feel free to post them on the thread.

    Ending room guide:
    • Level 21: Room 1
    • Level 31: Room 2
    • Level 41: Room 3
    • Level 51: Room 4
    • Level 61: Room 5
    • Level 71: Room 6
    • Level 81: Room 7
    • Level 91: Room 8

Recent Reviews

  1. Dannich
    Version: 1.1.2
    Nice simple script, been running 2 hours so far with no problems and will continue to use it until 75 thieving! works flawlessly