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Idle Bot 1.1.0

Idling all day long

  1. michael5555
    What does the bot do?
    Will perform random camera movements and mouse movements periodically set by the user. These values are playersensed so one character may move their mouse more often then they move their camera and vice versa. Optionally, it will also perform the blast furnace pumping for zero hitpoint strength xp.

    No other reason then farming gametime. Or if you are pumping then obviously for the strength xp. You may find other uses for it such as splashing with stop on logout checked.

    • Stop on logout - After you are 6h logged or you are dced from the game, the bot will stop
    • Blast furnace pumping - If we level up or are 6h logged bot will attempt to begin pumping again. Start on the tile that the player pumps on. Note it doesn't set up the pump, you need to use the dedicated player world (303 at time of post)
    • Minimum seconds before next action - What is the minimum amount of seconds between each action?
    • Maximum seconds before next action - What is the maximum amount of seconds between each action?

Recent Updates

  1. Idle Bot v1.1.0 Released!