Infinite Combat 1.2

Fight just about anything!

  1. Infinite Monkeys
    Fights NPCs, safespots, loots and alchs.

    Type in the name of the NPC you want to fight.

    Type the exact name of an item in the text box, then click + to add it to the loot list or - to remove it. The +> button will also add it to the alch list.

    Make sure you have the runes/items to cast high alchemy plenty of times (without weapon switching - the alchemy spell must be castable in your combat gear). Items can be added to the alchemy list in the same way as the loot list, and with the +> button as explained in Looting.

    Click the checkbox to enable safespotting, and click the button to set a safespot. Only enemies within your attack range will be targeted. Options:

    Strict - Runs back to the safespot as soon as you leave it, rather than when your target is nearby. Recommended against tough opponents as the default behaviour can get you hit occasionally in some areas.

    Auto blacklist - Automatically blacklists locations that consistently force the bot to leave the safespot, so that enemies in these locations are not targeted. This is very useful in some areas and extremely inefficient in others. It may also be slightly buggy.
    The blacklist can be reset by setting your safespot again. Note - do not move your character without pausing the bot in this mode.

    Food and potions
    Eats anything with the 'Eat' option in your inventory to heal, from top to bottom, then stops when low on health. Will drink (super) antipoison if you're poisoned and have one in your inventory.

Recent Updates

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  2. Infinite Combat v1.1 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. Dwadered
    Version: 1.2
    Sometimes gets stuck on high alch, but if you babysit it should work great.
  2. ColeFresh
    Version: 1.0
    I make a majority of my money through this bot. Although it occasionally does crash/close, the looting function works perfectly. Case sensitive so be careful.
    1. Infinite Monkeys
      Author's Response
      Glad it's working for you. I recently released an update that aimed to fix the crashes, and none have happened since afaik.