Infinite Tithe Farm 1.3

Farms Farming exp.

  1. Infinite Monkeys

    Completes the Tithe Farm minigame for farming exp.

    Make sure camera is fully zoomed out before running.

    100% Hosidius favour
    34 farming

    Seed dibber
    6-20 watering cans/Gricoller's can

    Lunar spellbook, water staff, astral & fire runes (for Humidify)
    Farmer's outfit or Graceful outfit

    Why is the exp per hour low?
    The minigame requires you to click constantly in order to maximise exp, and it's hard to do that more efficiently with RuneMate. I've spent many hours optimising the bot, and have almost certainly tried any obvious suggestions that you have.

    Why not plant more than 8 at a time?
    The extra time taken results in plants dying before being watered. Since the last 25 plants give double exp, it's more efficient to guarantee that the plants live rather than planting more at one time.

Recent Reviews

  1. winger1
    Version: 1.3
    It worked if u pick the seeds urself and walk in the door. Else seems pretty good. Would be great to fix it to take seeds