Jaeger Bonfire 1.0.0

Creates and/or adds to bonfires. More logs and locations may be added if requested.

  1. Jaeger
    Fire Spirits supported

    Constructive criticism is always welcome.

    Set up and Suggestions
    1. If using presets make sure preset 1 is set up for the logs you want to use.
    2. If using Shantay Pass location I'd suggest to go to w100.
    3. Running this bot in Legacy is recommended, but not necessary.

    To Be Added
    In Progress
    Not Started
    • Less frequent camera movement
    • Shorter delays between actions
    • Add Lumbridge Combat Academy


    *Side Note:
    If anyone has an account with access to Prif and wouldn't mind letting me use it. I would greatly appreciate it so I could add Prif as one of the locations.