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    JD KBD - King Slayer!

    PLEASE do not leave this unattended for now. This script bot is in beta, and as such, I would not recommend leaving this without supervision. I would however appreciate any bugs, glitches, or crashes you happen to encounter.

    *Supports any kind of food
    *Supports Super Antifires
    *Supports Super Restores
    *Supports Protect from Magic (Have it in your ability bar!)
    *Supports Prayer Potions
    *Supports banking
    *Supports looting

    To-Do List
    *Support summoning familiars
    *Support brews, overloads, other potions
    *Support other, perhaps better prayers such as Soul Split
    *Add an informative UI

    How to set it up (PLEASE READ THIS):
    1) Set the FIRST preset in your bank to your preferred inventory. This is what mine looks like:
    2) Have "Protect from Magic" somewhere on your active ability bar
    3) Before starting the script bot, head to Edgeville bank and create your inventory (The script bot will detect if you have Super Restores or Super Antifires in your inventory when you start it. If you do not have these in your starting inventory, it won't use them in the future).
    4) Make sure you are using Magic or Range. The script bot only supports these two combat styles as of right now (the script bot will walk away from the KBD if you're too close to prevent melee damage).
    5) Start the script bot

    Update Log
    6/9/17: Initial Release