jQuest 0.2

Does some quests for OSRS.

  1. J3H
    This bot does some OSRS quests. More quests will be added every week.

    • Pirate's Treasure
    • Romeo & Juliet
    • Rune Mysteries
    • Witch's Potion
    Simple UI:
    Select the quest you want to bot from a nice UI. Then check up on the bot using the progress interface.

    Crash recovery:
    The bot reads the ingame quest log to check how far you have progressed in a quest. This allows you to restart the bot without issues, or even let the bot finish a quest you already started manually.

Recent Reviews

  1. LuisZ
    Version: 0.2
    Finally someone thinks about the questings. Just did Rune mysteries , had some troubles with Romeo And Juliet and i had to continue by myself the quest at Apothecary stage, my character was stuck talking with the Father.

    Currently testing Pirate's Treasure. Will let you know! Thanks you buddy!
  2. creammuffingamevlogs
    Version: 0.2
    really good and I managed to do most of the early free quests to get back on track so this was really helpful and works really good just leave it running in the background and the bot will also stop once the quest has completed so this is really useful and good :) would love to see more quests on it in the future and maybe some members quests too