LiteFisher 1.7.6

Safe, Simple, Efficient

  1. blisterz
    Fishes and banks in Catherby, Draynor, and even karamja. Just start in area bank with a cage/net/harpoon in your inventory.

    Breaking System
    PlayerSense is used to generate a fully autonomous system of play time and breaks. Each player will break differently, some will have longer player times with micro breaks followed by longer breaks, some will have short play times and short breaks.

    Player Detection
    Two types of player detection exist inside this bot. One exists in the anti-ban and will hover random players infrequently. The other type will log the bot out if it detects a single player. This is good for wilderness fishing, to avoid players in general, or on dead man mode.

    Check Fishing Spots
    Check fishing spots will mouse over a random fishing spot as a player would do when looking for the correct type of fishing spot.

    Use Camera
    Unchecking this box will disable the camera usage in most cases.

    Key Interactions
    This enables the bot to use keyboard shortcuts when interacting with NPCs.

    AFK Mode
    AFK mode uses PlayerSense generated values to create a random time that the bot will disable for. After that time is up the bot will perform all necessary actions to get fishing again and then will generate another time to "afk" for.

    Wait to Fish
    With a PlayerSense generated value the bot will wait before attempting to respond to any events, including fishing spot changes. This could help simulate different play styles and is re-enforced by PlayerSense thus creating more diversity between various botters.

    Banking has various methods of depositing items. These are chosen by PlayerSense to help build diversity between botters. These include depositing all items and withdrawing the fishing tool, depositing just the fish, which of the fish it clicks to deposit, and various speeds at which it does all of the aforementioned tasks.

    The Anti-Ban feature has numerous tasks it can preform all of which are chosen via PlayerSense to create diversity between botters. Some players will have the bot check their fishing experience, some will just open the skills tab, some will hover various skills above a generated level, and much more. This feature is easily disabled.

    This plugin features a smooth and developing AntiBan system.

Recent Reviews

  1. mxshorty1
    Version: 1.7.6
    love the bot just wish it had an option to bank all fish when harpooning for swordfish instead of dropping tuna other then that been catching lobs for days 4.9/5 stars till bank all fish option gets added
    1. blisterz
      Author's Response
      Use the tuna option it will bank both! Common complaint I should make it more clear.
  2. guido0118
    Version: 1.7.6
    Used to work. Now it only drops fish when the inventory is full when powerfishing. Does not click fishing spots anymore. Please fix. Bugged since today.
  3. chickenpotpie11
    Version: 1.7.6
    does not work. will not fish sharks at catheryby just stands there please fix and 5/5
  4. Marcox
    Version: 1.7.6
    Excellent bot, the best, I recommend 100%
  5. exus1993
    Version: 1.7.6
    Used it for lobsters/tuna/swordfish at catherby and a lot of nice settings with fine tuning. Overall great bot!
  6. tyomies
    Version: 1.7.6
    Seems to work great, but it does get stuck while travelling to karamja. I found that unchecking Use Camera helps but bot still randomly changes camera angle, and gets stuck.
  7. Rasfalga
    Version: 1.7.6
    Great bot
  8. PlantMonkeys
    Version: 1.7.6
    It gets stuck and doesn't walk to the bank at Draynor after my character gets a full inventory.
  9. Vylexx
    Version: 1.7.6
    it worked great at draynor and then barb ville/edgeville, but when i went to karamja it always seems to get stuck trying to travel to and from karamja :/
  10. Streep
    Version: 1.7.6
    Works well, although sometimes it gets stuck near the pier in port Sarim after banking.