Mage Training Arena 1.0.4

Completes MTA with tasks

  1. michael5555
    • All four rooms supported
    • Dynamic telegrab room maze solver
    • Alchemy room item solver
    • Task system; B2P in one click
    • Smart staff switching (prioritises combo staves)
    • Combo rune, Tome of fire, Tome of water and Rune pouch support
    • Breaking system
    • Safely leaves graveyard room on bot stopping / breaking
    • Setup your inventory with your progress hat equipped, staves (combo staves supported) and runes in inventory (runepouch supported)
    • Ensure you don't use any spellbook filters. Runemate doesn't support this currently. In other words, make sure every filter is ticked green so that you can see every spell
    • Start the bot within the arena
    • Enchantment spell - Choose the spell you want to use while completing the enchantment room
    • Heal with bones to peaches - Highly recommended if you have UNLOCKED B2P. Will cast B2P to heal in graveyard room
    • Task system - Enter your desired points amount. This is the total points, not the points for this session. e.g If you have 100 points and your task is 200 points, it will stop at 200 (not 300)
    • Breaks - select this as a task. The desired amount is in minutes
    Known bugs:
    • Runelite minimap zoom plugin messes with telekinetic room. Ensure you use the default OSRS zoom by right clicking the map or turning off the plugin

Recent Reviews

  1. lemecnath2
    Version: 1.0.4
    Obviously the only working MTA bot on runemate, heres some feedback: Found that using mouse multiplier at 3.0 works a lot better but there is still the below issues: Graveyard - no count in place so often withdraws too much bones for what is needed; not really human like. Telekentetic - runs to the far side of the corner rather than a near side making the user to take longer to solve the puzzles and not really human like. Alchemist - just a fast room for the bot, the bot cant keep up and only does maybe 10 alchs per item rotation. Enchantment room: no issues, like the fact it sticks to one corner.
  2. saj4now
    Version: 1.0.0
    Does every room flawlessly, so far I have got my b2p and working towards Mwand and Infinity boots. Thanks Michael5555
  3. Dayoyo
    Version: 1.0.0
    It does what it says on the box. Dev open to receiving feedback. ++