MaxiBonfires 1.0.62

Pyromania at it's finest!

  1. Aidden


    • Interactive paint (Left click and drag to move it, Right click and drag to resize)
    • Supports Varrock west bank and Shantay pass
    • Logs out when out of logs

    Just start the bot near the desired bank and it will take care of the rest

    Known Bugs:
    • Gets stuck when fire goes out while add to fire interface is open. "Adding logs to bonfire" forever
    Bug Report Format:
    Note: If you do not try to follow this format, your bug might not get fixed. This format helps me solve the problem efficiently and reduces the need to constantly ask you formore information.
    1. Status displayed in the paint at the time of the incident (Can also be found in your error logs if the bot crashes)
    2. Location and log type
    3. Details of what happened.
    4. Any other info to help me reproduce the issue.

    Future Updates:
    • Conversion to MaxiFires (OSRS support as well as line fires in RS3)
    • Reasonable feature requests
    • Add GE support
    • add prifdinas bonfire
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sp3ctre
    Version: 1.0.62
    Withdraws logs, lights the first one and then gets stuck on the "Add to bonfire" option for the second one and just stays there indefinitely...
  2. Delbxd123abc
    Version: 1.0.61
    Just sits in the bank.
  3. bigboifry
    Version: 1.0.61
    Opens bank, says I have no logs and logs me out.
  4. Sanguios
    Version: 1.0.61
    I tried burning willow logs at Varrock west, you have to have the logs on the front page of your bank, in order to find it, but it only lights logs once and then it fails to add logs to the bonfire and just does nothing the hole time...
    It used to work with yew logs a couple months ago, but so far its basically useless... Sorry to say, because it looks really well coded
  5. luckiest
    Version: 1.0.61
    please at grand exchange / G.E
  6. trog83
    Version: 1.0.61
    Pretty good IMO, Remember to choose what type of logs at the start. Could be waaaaaaaaaay more efficient but levels well and rarely gets stuck.
  7. Uncle Rob
    Uncle Rob
    Version: 1.0.61
    Does not work :( i bought 10k maple logs and kept in bank and all this does is open up my bank and logout
  8. Elijah Strongsmith
    Elijah Strongsmith
    Version: 1.0.61
    VERY slow... fortunately though it gets the job done for the Varrock west bank location, that is. Tip: Keep the logs visible in your first tab right when you open your bank.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Bank item visibility shouldn't matter... If it's not able to detect withdraw it when it's not on the first 'page' then it needs to be reported as a client bug.
  9. tdotsfinest12
    Version: 1.0.61
    very very very slow at varrock west bank
  10. corey miller
    corey miller
    Version: 1.0.61
    doesn't work.. does not pull logs out of bank, does not light logs on fire. just doesn't work.