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MaxiCreatureCreation TRIAL 1.2.1

Creates and fights creatures at the Tower of Life

  1. Aidden
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    Creates and fights creatures at the Tower of Life
    • Currently supports Spidines and Unicows
    • Supported bank transports: walking, fairy ring, Ring of Dueling, Ardougne cloak and Ardougne teleports
    • Supported tower transports: walking, fairy ring and Ardougne cloak
    • Supports medium Ardougne diaries. Note: Must tick the medium diaries checkbox (Untested)
    • Supports elite diaries (Lumbridge elite diary gives access to fairy rings without a Dramen staff)
    • Supports eating food at the bank as well as taking it with you
    • Supports energy/super energy/stamina potions
    • Uses your special attack if your weapon has one
    • Emergency trip to bank if under 15 health and you have no food left
    • Only really supports melee currently unless the other style used doesn't require items in the inventory e.g runes
    Future updates will include PoH pool support, prayer support and possibly other combat styles depending on how much interest there is