MaxiFletcher PRO 2.0.11

Strings those bows tighter than your boot straps!

  1. Aidden


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    Screenshots (To be added soon)

    • Activity system, more commonly known as a task system. Now you can set the bot to do different things after a certain goal has been met
    • Four goal types: Made amount, Fletching level reached, perform an activity for a certain amount of time or you can set it to not have a goal (Stay on that activity until you stop the bot).
    • Profile saving so you can store different activity lists and don’t have to set everything up each time you run the bot!
    • Skill Tracker
    • Break handler
    • Item and profit tracker
    • On the fly settings changes
    • Supports Arrows, Arrow shafts, Bolts, Bows Bows (u), Crossbows, Crossbows (u), Crossbow stocks, Darts and Javelins
    • Supports OSRS and RS3
    • Bank presets
    • Automatically take screenshots of the game and info UI at a specified frequency
    Future updates

    • Customisable anti-pattern system (Still not sure about this one yet)
    • Support for use of other knives

    Known bugs/issues
    • Adding new activities to the table may cause previous rows to reset their values. Temporary fix is to add a heap of rows first and then choose the settings you want on each andj ust remove any unused rows once finished.
    • Making arrows is bugged and continues to interact with the materials when it's already making them. This will be fixed soon.
    Bug report format

    Note: If you do not try to follow this format, your bug might not get fixed. This format helps me solve the problem efficiently and reduces the need to constantly ask you for more information.
    • Status at the time of the incident (Can also be found in your error logs if the bot crashes)
    • Selected category and item type of the current activity
    • RS3 (EoC or Legacy) or OSRS
    • Details of what happened
    • Any other info to help me reproduce the issue.


    Setup is fairly straight forward. When you run the bot for the first time a default profile will be generated for you which has one activity in it. The activities are listed in a table and all of the settings for each activity can be changed in that activities table row.

    Simply select the fletching category, product type, type of knife to use, bank preset to use and the goal type.
    Selecting amount will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified amount of products have been made. Selecting level will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified fletching level has been reached. Selecting time will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified time in hours, minutes and seconds has passed. Selecting none will cause the bot to continue doing the activity until you stop the bot manually.
    If there isn’t another activity to move onto after a goal has been completed the bot will log you out and then stop.

    Make sure to hit the save profile button to store your settings so they’re loaded for you on future runs.

Recent Reviews

  1. elcasa121
    Version: 2.0.11
    Bot is not working anymore, tried fetching diamond bolts while it was doing nothing.
  2. maxter12
    Version: 2.0.11
    Doesn't work anymore on Maple longbows, after a while it gets stuck
  3. Oridian
    Version: 2.0.11
    Great bot and has given me many levels, however I have noticed almost every time it strings bows it will click the 11th bow in the inventory right as it gets stringed, keeping it selected and clicking on the bank with the bow. This is quite a botlike feature and would suggest removal of that extra click (was in Varrock West bank.) May I also suggest a 'random generate' button for the break handler as I can assume some would rather just get random times instead of setting up the whole break system.
    Other than that the bot works perfectly and does everything asked to.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      The random generate button is already planned. Ive had this bug reported before and i haven't been able to replicate it.
  4. MrBlazinHerbs
    Version: 2.0.11
    So far so great with this script!
  5. Infinite Monkeys
    Infinite Monkeys
    Version: 2.0.11
    Makes bolts painfully slowly because it keeps using one item on the other while fletching which stops the bot from crafting for a second or two until it clicks 'Make-10' again. Doesn't work well enough to be premium.
  6. NYCowboy
    Version: 2.0.11
    Have used this bot quite a bit for a while now and it's worked out amazingly. The goals work well and the break system is great.
  7. Roan
    Version: 2.0.11
    Unacceptable amount of bugs for a paid bot. I only use this one because it is the only available OSRS fletcher. I posted on the discussion page with a problem with the bot clicking on bows while you are crafting, and the author did not respond. The artificial pay-wall restricting you from fletching yews and magics unless you pay is cheesy. The bot frequently has hang-ups. Fletching manually I am able to get 2000 bows strung per hour. With all of the hang-ups and whatnot, this bot frequently runs at 1200 bows per hour. 60% efficiency is not acceptable for a *paid* bot.
  8. fast_fletcher
    Version: 2.0.11
    Was planning on rating 5 stars before these issues started rising up, but now for a paid bot, I'm actually kinda disappointed. I've wasted quite a bit of hours' credits finding out that selecting "None" is not a good idea for semi-afk botting. I select the "None" option so that I can pause the bot whenever I wish to break, and change the task. But too many times has the bot ran for 10 minutes, saying it finished what it was doing, and wasted my money. Has equally similar behavior now with "Level" set to 99, or even Amount set to 5,000. Barely goes through 1k items.

    I have 10k unstrung bows and 10k bowstrings. The bot is not finished with activities and I don't get why this happens. Another 5c gone.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      So how about posting on the thread so we can work out what's causing the issue and fix it... If you had done that i would ask questions like, have you watched the bot and seen it as it decides it's finished, if so what was the status BEFORE it said it finished all activities? Or did it have the bank open and say that we're out of supplies before it said that it finished all activities? Please post on the thread so i can actually help you fix it.
  9. Santanic
    Version: 2.0.10
    Great script, Only need fix banking knife and withdraw. Seems un-legit on Pro & Lite versions. Everything else seems to be working 100% fine.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Will be looking into that shortly, thanks :)
  10. BakedXTHC
    Version: 2.0.10
    Great bot worth using! Would recommend.
    However, there is one flaw with this bot that I may be the only one, that I hope the creator is aware of; and that is the fact it has it's episodes of instability, where it logs itself out. Ranging in the times from 35 minutes all the way to 7 or 8 hours.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      No idea what you mean. Please post a bug report in the correct format on the discussion thread.