MaxiOrbs TRIAL 1.2.0

Make easy bank while training magic!

  1. Aidden
    Make up to 450k profit and 40k magic xp per hour, it's almost too easy!

    • Charges Air orbs
    • Drinks Stamina potions if you're below the threshold to save doses!
    • Drinks Antipoison
    • Eats food
    • Equips Amulet of glory and Staff of air if they're not equipped
    • Withdraws Amulet of glory and Staff of air if there isn't one on the player
    • Anti-pk ensures you have the best chance of surviving another player attacking you
    • Death walking if you do happen to get killed
    • Experimental 3 tick orb charging option
    • Skill tracker
    • Profit tracker
    • Ability to change settings after the bot has started
    • Hops worlds if a pker that can attack us is detected
    • Walk to bank option for Ironman
    • Break handler
    How to use


    • Level 66 Magic
    • RuneScape Membership
    Required items:
    • Stamina potion
    • Antipoison/Super antipoison
    • Amulet of glory (Not required but makes trips much faster)
    • Staff of air
    • Your choice of food
    1. Make sure you have plenty of the required items because you'll be running this bot non-stop once you see the gold piling up in your bank!
    2. Make sure you have a Staff of air either on your player or in the bank
    3. Turn auto-retaliate off
    4. Make sure your Player 'attack' option is set to 'Always right-click' or 'Hidden' to avoid accidentally attacking other players and getting skulled

    You can start the bot just about anywhere!

    Coming soon

    • Increased efficiency
    • Unique anti pattern methods to reduce the risk of bans
    • Support for ALL orbs
    • Auto-setup of RuneScape settings for best performance
    • RS3 support if there's demand for it

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