MaxiOrbs TRIAL 1.6.16

Make easy bank while training magic!

  1. Aidden
    Make up to 300k profit and 40k magic xp per hour, it's almost too easy!

    • Charges Air orbs, Earth orbs, Water orbs and Fire orbs!
    • Drinks your choice of energy restoration potion if you're below the threshold to save doses!
    • Supports Stamina potion, Super energy and Energy potion as well as an option to not use them - Ironmen you're welcome ;)
    • Drinks Antipoison/Superantipoison/Antidote+/Antidote++
    • Eats food
    • Equips Amulet of glory(When charging Air or Earth orbs) and your staff if they're not equipped
    • Withdraws required equipment from the bank if we don't have it
    • Uses Amulet of glory when charging Air or Earth orbs to get back to Edgeville
    • Uses Falador teleport tablets when charging Fire or Waterorbs to get back to Falador
    • Anti-pk ensures you have the best chance of surviving another player attacking you
    • Death walking if you do happen to get killed
    • Experimental 3 tick orb charging option
    • Skill tracker
    • Profit tracker
    • Ability to change settings after the bot has started
    • Hops worlds if a pker that can attack us is detected
    • Walk to bank option for Ironman
    • Break handler
    • Supports agility shortcuts in the taverley dungeon
    How to use


    • Level 56-66 Magic
    • Level 70 or 80 Agility if charging Fire or Water orbs is highly recommended
    • RuneScape Membership
    Required items:
    • Stamina potion
    • Antipoison/Super antipoison
    • Amulet of glory if charging Air or Earth orbs (Not required but makes trips much faster)
    • Falador teleport tablets if charging Fire or Water orbs
    • Staff of air/earth/fire/water
    • Your choice of food
    1. Make sure you have plenty of the required items because you'll be running this bot non-stop once you see the gold piling up in your bank!
    2. Make sure you have a Staff of air either on your player or in the bank
    3. Turn auto-retaliate off
    4. Make sure your Player 'attack' option is set to 'Always right-click' or 'Hidden' to avoid accidentally attacking other players and getting skulled

    You can start the bot just about anywhere!

Recent Reviews

  1. cozy cody
    cozy cody
    Version: 1.6.16
    complete trash don't work just deposits all items and logs out I've messed with everything setting wise and its just trash nothing fixes it don't recommend it
  2. Main Botting
    Main Botting
    Version: 1.6.11
    good would be nice if there was a feature added were it would use rune and rune pouch rather then tabs also if u have a house and pool and glory it uses those
  3. peterpeterpipin
    Version: 1.6.2
    Good stuff. The only issue I had was it occasionally didn't use the agility shortcut. A pray melee option would be excellent for the black demons. They hit like a truck.
  4. Bendecida
    Version: 1.2.1
    excellent bot 100% recommended
  5. ThePickleRick
    Version: 1.2.1
    good script everything works great doesn't get stuck walking or at any gates, however when i was being attacked by a pker my character didn't try to do anything just hit the guy with my staff, ring of life saved me, but might need to fix pker detection/prevention
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for letting me know. Can you send me the log file please?