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MaxiScarMine TRIAL 1.0.1

The infinite rune printer

  1. Aidden
    Mines and deposits Tainted essence chunks at the Scar essence mine

    • Must have started Desert treasure 2 and have access to the Scar essence mine which is accessed via Guardians of the rift
    • Must have level 66 mining
    • Must be started at the Scar essence mine with a pickaxe equipped or in the inventory
    • Must have went through the dialog options with Hagus so he doesn't interrupt you (Correct me if this isn't required)
    • Mines Amalgamations
    • Deposits Tainted essence chunks in the Ventriculus openings
    • Doesn't use Dragon pickaxe special - Couldn't find anything about it having an affect. If it does let me know and i'll add it
    • Doesn't create extracts or pure essence - Takes 5 seconds to do manually after you've finished mining

Recent Updates

  1. MaxiScarMine TRIAL v1.0.1 Released!