MaxiWoodcutter 2.2.0

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

  1. Aidden
    MaxiWoodcutter 2.0
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    • Banking at any bank
    • Power chopping (Dropping the logs after a full inventory has been chopped)
    • Fast tree switching
    • Can walk to the tree or bank location from just about anywhere thanks to the RuneMate web
    • Uses the actionbar for dropping in RS3
    • Activity system, more commonly known as a task system. Now you can set the bot to do different things after a certain goal has been met
    • Four goal types: Chopped amount, Woodcutting level reached, Chop for a certain amount of time or you can set it to not have a goal (Stay on that activity until you stop the bot).
    • Profile saving so you can store different activity lists and don’t have to set everything up each time you run the bot!
    • Custom tree areas (Add/Remove/Modify the tree locations)
    • Pre-defined tree areas
      • RS3
        • Castle Wars - Ivy
        • Catherby - Yews
        • Draynor - Willows and Oaks next to the bank
        • Draynor Jail - Oaks above the jail
        • Edgeville - Yews
        • Grand Exchange - Yews and Ivy behind the castle
        • Seers Village - Two magic tree locations, Maples and Yews
        • Varrock East - Oaks
        • Varrock West - Trees and Oaks
      • OSRS
        • Catherby - Yews
        • Draynor - Willows and Oaks next to the bank
        • Edgeville - Yews
        • Seers Village - Two magic tree locations, Maples and Yews
        • Varrock East - Oaks
        • Varrock West - Trees and Oaks
        • Woodcutting Guild - Redwoods
    • Skill Tracker
    • Break handler
    • Item and profit tracker
    • On the fly settings changes
    • OSRS: Checks the bank for an axe if you don’t currently have one

    Future updates
    • Burning logs on a bonfire or in a line
    • Fletching logs into arrow shafts
    • Urn support
    • Pick up nests
    • Switching to a better axe from your bank if available
    • Automatic screenshots with a frequency setting (i.e. Every 60 minutes)
    • Using the beaver familiar
    • Customisable anti-pattern system (Still not sure about this one yet)

    Known bugs/issues
    • Adding new activities to the table may cause previous rows to reset their values. Temporary fix is to add a heap of rows first and then choose the settings you want on each andj ust remove any unused rows once finished.
    • I've implemented a break handler in V2.2.0. The UI is still a little bit buggy but it works. When you click in one of the fields (start time, duration or variance) you enter a time formatted string i.e. 00:32:14 (32 minutes 14 seconds). After entering the string you need to press enter, you can't click somewhere else or the value won't be stored. This will be fixed soon. Let me know if you run into any issues. Also, the generate breaks button doesn't yet work so don't expect anything to happen when clicking it

    Bug report format


    If you do not try to follow this format, your bug might not get fixed. This format helps me solve the problem efficiently and reduces the need to constantly ask you for more information.

    • Status at the time of the incident (Can also be found in your error logs if the bot crashes)
    • Selected area and tree of the current activity. If using a custom area or tree location please post the coordinates used as well
    • Disposal method of the current activity
    • Selected bank if banking
    • RS3 (EoC or Legacy) or OSRS
    • Details of what happened
    • Any other info to help me reproduce the issue.


    Setup is fairly straight forward. When you run the bot for the first time a default profile will be generated for you which has one activity in it. The activities are listed in a table and all of the settings for each activity can be changed in that activities table row.

    Simply select the area, tree type, disposal method (Bank or drop), the bank you want to use if banking and the goal type.
    Selecting amount will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified amount of logs has been chopped. Selecting level will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified woodcutting level has been reached. Selecting time will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified time in hours, minutes and seconds has passed. Selecting none will cause the bot to continue doing the activity until you stop the bot manually.
    If there isn’t another activity to move onto after a goal has been completed the bot will log you out and then stop.

    Make sure to hit the save profile button to store your settings so they’re loaded for you on future runs.

Recent Reviews

  1. miiori
    Version: 2.2.0
    Works great for what I use it for! Thanks so much!
    P.S. Do you plan on adding other trees to the OSRS wc guild such as Yews/Magics?
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      You can do it yourself in the advanced/misc tab :P
  2. maxot
    Version: 2.1.2
    So i really like this bot but if the goal is reached the bot isn't stopping to woodcut or logging out he is just continuing to chop wood. Is this meant to be like that or is it just a bug?

    Btw sorry for bad english :)
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Sounds like a bug to me. I'll look into it when i finish rewriting MaxiFletcher
  3. dkauth
    Version: 2.1.2
    everythinh worked perfect until update now scripts will not work anymore
  4. Lahm
    Version: 2.1.2
    Went from 1-99 with this bot with very few problems over the period of usage and when there were they were either very quickly fixed or nothing to do with the script itself, I'd recommend this bot to anybody as I was botting for long periods of time for over a month without a ban, thank you again!
  5. JordanEvans
    Version: 2.1.2
    Great! Just one thing... Continuously clicks on ivy while chopping every few seconds.
  6. Ziljeon
    Version: 2.1.2
    I really like this bot due to its diversity in option and being able to save my own settings.
    Although, recently I've had a failed to operate message come up about 3 times, the first few times it would work again after setting up but since the last time the Bot decided to not work at all.
    Here is what I've tried;

    - Different (realms/servers)
    - Creating and saving a new setting.
    - Setting it up without a saved setting and without saving the new settings.
    - Unfollowing and following it again.
    - Deleting and creating the new ''Account''.

    None fixed the problem, The ''Status'' is just continuously stuck on ''Loading''.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it. I've been told that since the runescape update (?) some bots haven't been working. I'll have to check it out. You forgot to mention whether its RS3 or OSRS
  7. Lionel Crow
    Lionel Crow
    Version: 2.1.2
    Draynor still has problem with the bank and another thing I run this game on OSRS, Edgeville is not registered in the Area... You should check that one... Wanted to go ham on Yews but can't atm... I even made a profile and all but Edgeville is not registered there...
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      You can add your own tree areas, take a look on the Advanced/Misc. tab.
      Draynor will be handled in a client update, i'm not sure why it hasn't been fixed yet, assuming you mean how it stands behind the bank interacting with the banker
  8. tdotsfinest12
    Version: 2.1.2
    Oaks at Varrock East does not bank, also, should add normal trees in varrock east as well
  9. Legends
    Version: 2.1.2
    Only complaint I have is that when cutting magics at seers when it goes to bank at seers it will get stuck on a tree every time, and it will not move once stuck.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Interesting, would you mind posting on the thread with more details, specifically everything in the bug report format and maybe a screenshot? Cheers
  10. WolfyFhang
    Version: 2.1.2
    Always happy using this bot! Never had a problem with it, one spot that I've cut over 300k oak logs at in the past, is now buggy. The single oak tree inside Falador beside the eastern bank. The bots will get full of oak logs, but it doesn't seem to want to click toward the bank, until I actually click anywhere, then it will continue its thing, banking all the logs, until its full again, then I've got to click again.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Not the place for bug reports. I need you to post a proper bug report following the bug report format on the bot thread.