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Mikes Blast Furnace Trial 1.3.4

Fastest smithing xp in the game

  1. michael5555
    Trial version. Limited usage of 1h per week
    • Preferably clear your pot of any ores and collect any bars to prevent any unforeseen bugs. Generally the bot will handle these with a multitude of failsafes in place
    • Setup your bank such that all of the necessary ores and energy restore potions are in the same visible area so the bot does not waste time scrolling up/down the bank
    • Supports paying foreman (pre-60 smithing)
    • Re-fills coffer with predefined amount
    • Supports energy/super energy/stamina pots
    • Supports coal bag
    • Supports all bars including the gold hybrid methods if you have the coal bag
    • Swaps between gold gauntlets and ice gloves
    • Supports bucket of water if you do not have ice gloves
    • Break handler

Recent Reviews

  1. rangTang
    Version: 1.3.2
    New updated fixed all issues. I can guarantee this will work for gold bars no problem