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Mikes Herbiboar Hunter Trial 1.5.4

Efficient Herbiboar Hunter

  1. michael5555
    Trial version. Limited to 1h per week

    Efficient Herbiboar Hunter with zero time xp alching/bolts/darts/combining


    - Must start on the island around the bank or hunter area
    - Ensure you've built the fossil island bank
    - If using zero time xp, withdraw the items from the bank before you start the bot. Rune pouch and tomes are supported. Make all interface is not supported, ensure you have the ingame setting turned on to ensure combining is a one click
    - If doing birdhouse runs, ensure you have bird houses inside the bank with seeds. If you start with an already built house in place, the bot will assume it will take the full 50 minutes before it can be emptied, so be sure to empty and leave the space empty before you start the bot


    - Built in failsafes to ensure if any unforeseen breakages occur, the bot will automatically stop
    - Herb sack / magic secateurs automatically supported
    - Noting at leprechaun for those without herb sack automatically supported
    - Stop after time
    - Break handler
    - Direct input support
    - Energy restoration methods
    - Choose which herbs to drop
    - Zero time xp alching or combining (darts/bolts/etc)
    - Birdhouse runs

    Example gear (Tome is for optional alching):


    Example settings: