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Mikes Lava Runecrafter Trial 1.3.1

Lava Rune Runecrafting

  1. michael5555
    Trial version limited to 1H usage per week. Use premium to continue botting

    Efficiently crafts all fire combo runes (lavas for best xp). Supports all pouches and daeyalt essence. Combine this with Daeyalt Essence Miner for some of the best runecrafting xp/h

    • All rune types (fire, lava, smoke, steam)
    • Both teleportation methods to altar (ring of dueling, ring of elements)
    • Different banking methods (castle wars, crafting cape, moonclan)
    • Daeyalt supported
    • All rune pouches supported (small, medium, large, giant, colossal)
    • Divine rune pouch and rune pouch supported. All staves and all tomes supported
    • Recharges ring of elements using runes inside bank
    • Break handler
    • Pure or Daeyalt essence
    • Binding necklaces (if crafting combination rune)
    • Dueling rings or ring of elements with elemental runes + laws to charge
    • 82 Magic
    • Lunar magics and lunar spellbook enabled
    • Runes for npc contact / magic imbue (if crafting combination rune)
    • Setup your rune pouch in your inventory before starting the bot. This will likely contain your astral runes and law runes if you want to use moonclan banking method
    • Ensure you have sufficient combination rune (earth rune for lavas) to bind as well as binding necklaces
    • Equip an infinite supply of fire and water runes. Both tomes and all staves are supported
    • Equip your method of altar teleportation. Both ring of the elements and ring of duelings are supported
    • Setup your bank with the necessary items in the same area. This will minimise the time spent banking
    • Ensure your bank contains cosmic runes and air runes for repairing pouches
    Example Inventory and Gear with settings
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. k0b
    Version: 1.0.3
    how long is trial.. rc already sucks..
  2. Defeat3d
    Version: 1.0.2
    another michael W
  3. goblinslayer6
    Version: 1.0.2
    Ran this for just over an hour doing lava runes, worked flawlessly for me!