Mmaaikel's Runecrafter 0.2

Simple runecrafting bot

  1. Mmaaikel
    Currently supports:
    - Air rune
    - Water rune
    - Earth rune
    - Fire rune
    - Mind rune
    - Body rune


    - Wear the tiara of the rune you are making
    - When using presets you must set it up by yourself.
    - It is also possible to let de bot withdraw the runes without presets.

    Planning to add:

    - Resting support
    - Talisman support
    - P2P runes
    - Log out/stop the bot when no more runes
    - Dust rune
    - Lava rune
    - Mist rune
    - Mud rune
    - Smoke rune
    - Steam rune

    Do you want me to add something you like? Just ask and maybe I will add it!

    Air runes:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Fire runes:

Recent Reviews

  1. pastry
    Version: 0.2
    Attempted to use this bot to craft Fire Runes. Couldn't even get it running properly, I babysat the bot for 10 minutes before giving up. Only tried on Fire Altar, but this definitely needs an update.
  2. sirkakaman
    Version: 0.2
    a random click open map... about ppl getting ban not sure on it... im using this for long time many hours and works grate some times i use it for more than 5 hours...

    anyways this bot need an update to fix that bug that the only problem i see... open map...(wolrd map)
  3. Ras
    Version: 0.2
    Banned within 15 minutes of use on a clean acc
  4. thing2022
    Version: 0.2
    Account was band after letting it run for a few hours. Do not recommend using.
  5. jeffo
    Version: 0.2
    Account was banned within 2 hours after starting.. Air alter
  6. Broz Joker
    Broz Joker
    Version: 0.11
    After your last update one of my accounts was banned when doing fire runes, i dont know if it was planned but when it clicks the map to go back to the bank it goes up the stairs to bank and i can easily tell when other people are using YOUR bot because they also do that.
    1. Mmaaikel
      Author's Response
      Very strange.. I've been botting fire runes non-stop and never seen this. Will look into it.
  7. Broz Joker
    Broz Joker
    Version: 0.020
    |v0.020| You fixed the problem of the bot getting a little stuck at fire ruins Good Job on that! But I was wondering if you could fix/make the bot click faster when its going from and to the bank (Fire Altar). I was also wondering if it was possible that if when the bot detects the Fire altar (or any altar at this point) while its still moving towards it that it will click it before the player stops moving. It would be amazing if you could do that but so far everything else is good. 4 Stars.
  8. Broz Joker
    Broz Joker
    Version: 0.019
    I am giving a 3 beacuse over all the bot is slow when clicking the next action, air works fine but is slow, fire works fine too but is slow and it will get stuck next to the altar randomly. Please fix the fire altar. Please.
  9. Synonym
    Version: 0.015
    3 on Fire Runes, cause it's slow and it will probably a high ban rate due to the fact that it is slow when it enters the Fire Altar. But with all of that out I'd put it on 4 totally.
    1. Mmaaikel
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback. I've been working on making it faster so some changes are comming! I am botting on multiple accounts at fire runes but no ban so the high ban rate is not valid.
  10. BubbaJ
    Version: 0.012
    Works well with air runes, will post prog in discussion in a few hours.