Molch Aerial Fisher 1.0.5

Performs Aerial Fishing

  1. michael5555

    Start on the island. It'll grab a knife, bird and bait if you do not have them.


    • Smart gutting - Will shift drop fish if we have enough fish chunks (playersensed number). Useful if you want to buy fish chunks from GE and shift drop the entirety of your session. REQUIRES SHIFT DROP ENABLED
    • Stop on player - Will logout and stop the bot if there is somebody else on the island. I like to bot my skiller in pvp worlds, so I've thrown this in here in case somebody else wants to use it.
    • Choice of two areas - West shoreline or optimal east tile
    • Worldhop on player - Will hop worlds if it detects somebody using our area
    • Worlds hop preference - If using worldhop on player, it will try to prioritise these worlds (30min cooldown)

Recent Reviews

  1. DanGamer999
    Version: 1.0.2
    It tells me: "methods with the same signature () true but incompatible return types: boolean and others"
    1. michael5555
      Author's Response
      Sorry for late reply. It was a problem with the Runemate client. You can try again now and it should work just fine