Nano Dungeoneering 1.3.1

The future of Dungeoneering

  1. SlashnHax
    Dungeoneering early release.
    Please take note that this is still a WIP.

    Have area loot turned off.
    Do not use Legacy Interface mode.

    Suggested setup:
    Have a magic weapon bound.
    Manually prestige when you get to the Warped floors.
    Floors 24 to 45 seem to be the smoothest at the moment.

    Medium floors will be unlocked soon, but they will most likely still be unstable.

Recent Reviews

  1. UnionJack
    Version: 1.3.1
    I miss this bot for sure. Once it's back working again and i'm not swamped in bills i'll be donating asap.
  2. weedlvl99
    Version: 1.3.1
    keeps trying to fourm a party over and over
  3. Mateo Silva
    Mateo Silva
    Version: 1.3.1
    stuck at opening party interface, plz fix!
  4. Cojcoj
    Version: 1.3.1
    Stopped working. Stuck at open party interface.
  5. bowl1991
    Version: 1.3.1
    No longer works. Continuously clicks on ring of kinship and tries to form a party, then backs out and repeats.
  6. o Giovanni o
    o Giovanni o
    Version: 1.3.1
    new font update is what I think killed this one. Hope this finds a wayback from the grave. RIP my fav bot <3
  7. Juancoz90
    Version: 1.3.1
    Used to work but doesn't work anymore. Infinitely keeps clicking Ring of Kingship, even when already inside a dungeon...
  8. Unknown99
    Version: 1.3.1
    Very solid! However this isn't a bot you can just run for 6 hours and expect it to be alright. The bot gets stuck on some puzzles and has some trouble with a few of the bosses. Just run it in the background and keep checking in on it every 10 or so minutes and you should be fine! Would love to see the author start updating this again.
  9. Raggy
    Version: 1.3.1
    Giving it a good score because it is "Early release."

    Some issues I encountered:
    Does not equip weapons or armor in the inventory
    Does not pick up weapons or armor.
    Does not have a setting for reseting the floors at lvl X
    Tries to use skills it does not have (only once) but seems un-necessary.
    Some boss fights are done rather bad, IE the ice spikes dude hit me quite a bit in my test.

    This is a good start, so try your best to make it good :)
  10. uncialpuncial
    Version: 1.3.1
    Love this bot! Just feel like it's just a little too limited. Would love for it to function smoother in the earlier floors as there are a few cases where it gets stuck (e.g. the emote puzzle room). After about floor 8 I can usually just let it run for a good long while without needing to interfere. Would also like more features like skilling or opening all possible bonus rooms for more xp rather than just rushing. In general this bot is fantastic especially if you're wanting to save up some tokens and get a decent amount of xp along the way.