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Necks Sarachnis 1.0.39

Slays Sarachnis

  1. goblinneck
    Kills a spider for you.

    Will need Xeric's in inventory or in house
    Need a slash weapon, wildy sword in inventory, or knife in inventory.

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Recent Reviews

  1. grondelgorp
    Version: 1.0.39
    Changes prayers 1 tick late a lot of the time causing constant off prayer hits. Instantly teles out after killing regardless of how much food remaining (changed the settings multiple times to no effect), and so it doesn't loot ANYTHING as a result.
  2. john h
    john h
    Version: 1.0.39
    bot works to get kills but imo it is not good script. I set it to stop bot 239 minutes and unfortunately bot ran good for the first 2 hours with me babysitting it after falling asleep bot never stopped and ran 660 minutes not a big deal, However the bot did not get but few kills after I went to sleep. Bot broke and just logged in and out for over 10 hours. absolutly crap you have to babysit it so not good script and from what i lerned with this site i will not see any refund or support.
  3. Mega_Botter
    Version: 1.0.39
    The bot is very effective at killing the giant spider but it just looks so much like a bot it's almost likely to be caught, it has perfect prayer flicks while tick-flicking prayers. at most lost 1 prayer point in 20 minutes. So while it is effective it just looks way too sus and obvious for me to consider using it long-term. Though I do enjoy how perfectly it slaps the giant spider.
  4. Titanf1
    Version: 1.0.1
    Works perfectly
  5. kamal12345
    Version: 0.0.1
    we need the script to stay in the instance after like 3 food left because it Teleports after 1/2 kill, its a long walk if you only going for 1 kc each time
    1. goblinneck
      Author's Response
      There is an option to set min food for kill which should tweak this number of food to attempt a kill with