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Easy XP and GP for your lower/med level accounts.

Start the bot at Ferox enclave and hit start after selecting your settings within the Runemate UI.
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  1. Noble ElderChaos Druids v1.0.9 Released!

    Noble ElderChaos Druids updated to v1.0.9.
  2. Noble ElderChaos Druids v1.0.8 Released!

    Noble ElderChaos Druids updated to v1.0.8.
  3. Noble ElderChaos Druids v1.0.7 Released!

    Noble ElderChaos Druids updated to v1.0.7.

Latest reviews

so i used this last night... it got stuck at the bank clicking the pool using the bank and then leaving farox then it would just telly back inside farox use the pool and rebank. then it would go do a run and repeat this when banking the next trip. i wake up i made 40k xp and was standing just a little past the farox enclaves. with no prayer im assuming it lost its pathing some how.
I wanted to test this script, but on launch, after setting all the settings etc, it enabled prayer already at ferox before gearing. And when it's trying to open the bank, it spam clicks the quick-pray, so that the bank closes. After that it just stands there doing nothing with the task "Withdrawing items".

I'll happily give this another try when these things are fixed :)