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Noble Revenants [SALE] 1.2.2

Rustle up those Revenants.

  1. Bing Bong
    **Setup instructions**
    * When using Looting Bag - Click "Settings" and then select "Don't put supplies into the looting bag.".
    * On your bracelet of Ethereum, I would advise that you turn the bracelet to absorb ether that is looted.
    * Make sure you have spare ether + bracelet of Ethereum (uncharged) in your bank if you die.
    * Select your settings and hit start.

    **Common issues**
    * None found at this current time. Please report any bugs via the discord.

    **Any other comments**
    * The bot will not recharge any items that uses Ether apart from the bracelet, I would advise using arrows/bolts or non ammo'd weapons for now.


Recent Updates

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  2. Noble Revenants [SALE] v1.2.1 Released!
  3. Noble Revenants v1.2.0 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. WIke Klissel
    WIke Klissel
    Version: 1.1.7
    Barely funtional, if your goin to be there manually alright to run on maybe an alt account however,
    A)percentage to drink and eat at, does not correlate accounts levels, instead is manully set to scale from a 99 hp or prayer accounts.
    B) Does not teleport to ferox nor does it teleport out of the rev caves at all which sucks cause if a pker comes you basically just die
    C) Doesnt have a prayer select option

    Honestly not worth 0.12 per hour, I am thinking of programming a much more fuctionable one because this ones actually pitiful ngl.
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      What did you have the anti pk system to?

      There are different options.
  2. Djrev757
    Version: 1.1.4
    Not sure about the effectiveness of other users but for me it had some major issue. At first all it did was go outside cooking guild and spam click bank without going inside the guild to use bank. Once I manually took inside and started again, It immediately left and did the same as before lol. Then there's the 30 prayer potions its drinking at full pray at the bank without doing anything but stand there spam clicking every pray potion lol. I tested by removing the pray pots from the settings and it still spam drank them like crazy lol. Id give it 1 but not sure if it was a singular incident on my end or what. Once it gets past those 2 issues im sure it works better, hopefully lol
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      The issue should be fixed on Wednesdays update. The Cooking Guild really isn't a supported bank area that's probably where your issues lie.
  3. CrazyMan123
    Version: 1.1.1
    Not sure why the below person is hating. Worked fine for me, thank you. I can see that this is a work in progress but it works extremely well. I hope to see this have further updates.
  4. Swaggerzx
    Version: 1.0.8
    Pure Dawg SHIT... Dont even
    1. Bing Bong
      Author's Response
      What is wrong with it? I've gained over 3k KC without issue...