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Noble Rogues Chests 1.0.1

Lets get those chests opened!

  1. Lightsoul
    Stealing your mums jewellery from the Wildy.

Recent Updates

  1. Noble Rogues Chests v1.0.1 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. Stubrew
    Version: 1.0.1
    this bot is sh*t, glad i only wasted 6 cents. so lets start on what's broken. 1. when you select to use stamina potions, the bot will withdraw 1 stamina then immediately deposit it, then withdraw an amulet of glory, then withdraw and deposit a stamina, then another glory, over and over again in an endless loop until your inventory is full of glorys. 2. when you DONT use stamina potions it gets all the way to the wildy lever and it gets stuck and doesn't teleport, misclicks the lever and just sits there. I didn't even bother selecting the lockpick option considering it cant even teleport properly. Releasing sh*t like this and making people pay is crazy. i wouldn't touch this bot until major updates are done, at which point i will be glad to try it again, but stay far away for now.
    1. Lightsoul
      Author's Response
      Have you ever thought of a game update breaking bots? Probably the reason why...

      Just an FYI, I'm no longer with Runemate so this won't be getting fixed by me.