NovtumberFest Bot 1.0

Ethical Seasonal Event-only Ironman

  1. Aria
    Bots Novtumberfest activities, check thread to see what's supported

    Currently supported:
    Table Dancing (Prayer)
    Hops Gathering (Farming)
    Smithing (Barrel Making)

    To start each supported activity:
    Table Dancing: Start the bot while already dancing on a table
    Hops Gathering: Start the bot while close to a hops plant by this location, but at least 3 tiles away from any tables so the bot doesn't think you're trying to do the dancing activity. If the bot doesn't do anything, chances are you started the bot too close to a table. A later revision of the bot will address that issue. You also need to have Hops on your action bar.
    Smithing: Start the bot right next to a barrel making place

    ~60k Invention xp an hour
    ~Unknown Div xp/hr, but I've heard it's low
    Both far inferior compared to normal training methods, I do not plan to ever support this.

    Table Dancing:
    ~100k Prayer xp an hour
    Comparable to using a bone crusher and mass killing certain mobs like dragons, Airuts
    Very good considering the low reqs for this activity.

    Barrel making:
    ~105k Smithing xp an hour @ 99, 50k/hr @ 75
    Inferior to superheating, but requires no resources so it's good for ironmen.

    267k Ranged xp an hour
    Inferior to normal combat training and doesn't give exp, don't ever plan to support this

    Estimated ~40k summoning exp/hr @ 99 and ~60k slayer exp/hr @ 99
    Both inferior to normal training methods.
    Slayer might be worth it since it's trivial to make a bot for this as opposed to a full slayer bot. However, even killing Gargoyles on the top floor of the Slayer Tower should come close to this and gets you invention xp and money.

    157k xp an hour
    Inferior to cooking lobsters, but requires no resources so it's good for ironmen.

    Glass blowing:
    64k Crafting xp an hour
    Just use prif harps or something, don't ever plan to support this

    ~30k farming exp at 70 farm, estimated ~50-60k exp/hr at 99 farming.
    Very good if you're in a hurry to level farming and don't want to kill stuff.

    ~70k exp/hr at 89 agility
    Should be quite useful to fill in the gaps between courses
    The most annoying activity to code
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