Omni Woodcutter 1.0.2

Omniscient Botting

  1. Aydex
    Omni Woodcutter
    Part of the Omni bot line

    This bot is part of the Omni botting line. The Omni prefix is an indication of superb quality that is rivaled by none.

    Features you will find within every Omni bot:
    • Simple settings interface for user convenience
    • Detailed runtime statistics
    • On-the-fly settings changing
    • Utilization of RuneMates PlayerSense API for unique profiling
    • Built to be stable for long run times
    • Efficient, optimized to use as minimal computer resources as possible

    Features specific to Omni Woodcutter:
    • Powerchop anywhere in the game
      • Automatically shift drops if enabled
    • Dragon axe special for a +3 woodcutting boost
    • Bird nest looting
    • Trees and banking locations (if applicable, all support powerchopping and generic banking)
      • Normal / Varrock
      • Oak / Draynor
      • Willow / Draynor & Barbarian Assualt
      • Teak
      • Maple / Seers
      • Mahogany
      • Arctic pine
      • Yew / Seers & Catherby & Edgeville
      • Magic / Seers & Sorcerers Tower & Duel Arena
      • Redwood
      • (Woodcutting Guild supported using the "Generic" option)
      • "Generic" option to support banking anywhere (such as the Woodcutting Guild) (the bot will automatically detect the closest bank, see more details below)
    "Generic" option is for unconventional training spots. You MUST start the bot at your training location for this to work. The bot will automatically attempt to detect the closest bank, walk there and then use your starting location as a landmark for walking back. This option should work in the majority of cases but if you notice the bot not banking or returning to your training location please request the location be added on the discussion thread.

    Have any issue and/or looking to request a feature? Please post on the discussion thread (and be as detailed as possible). All support requests will be handled within 24 hours.

Recent Reviews

  1. cheeznuts
    Version: 1.0.2
    Hasn't been updated in months but still works better than any of the other bots for Catherby Yews. Minus 1 star because it's a little slow and wastes your ax special at the bank but it works consistently without getting stuck unlike any other
  2. firefly666
    Version: 1.0.2
    runs well, is there anti bot included in this
  3. Mega bot
    Mega bot
    Version: 1.0.2
    Good, although needs to be watched when used at WC guild and using banking chest.... sometimes it has trouble with bank pins and finding the chest hence why I say watch it.
    very good overall
  4. Cloud
    Version: 1.0.2
    Rather frequently gets stuck when shift click dropping. It'll drop the inventory fine except for the last item, which it will accidentally click "Use" on and then be unable to interact with the next tree because it will be trying to use the log on the tree. If it's updated to check for items being selected, and deselects them, before clicking on the tree then I'd gladly improve my rating to 4 or 5 stars.