1. SlashnHax
    A simple open-source power miner. Supports Tin, Copper and Iron.

Recent Reviews

  1. fuckit710
    Version: 1.0.0
    a little slow but gets the job done, thanks!
  2. Parrasite
    Version: 1.0.0
    All it does is spin camera, does not mine anything.
  3. Qosmiof2
    Version: 1.0.0
    The only bot that works. And it works amazingly well. Thanks Hax
  4. WeathTheGod
    Version: 1.0.0
    This bot works well at the Al Kharid iron ore for me. The only thing that is messed up with it is the full inventory drop method, it messes up super often and has to redo it about 3 times before the inv is all dropped. I have noticed this issue with the other miner bots on this site so it might not be you. Maybe write your own dropping algorithm?
  5. magiphysical
    Version: 1.0.0
    Is far slower than any human player. You can't actually mine anything with it because it spends all the time running between rocks and clicking when they've already been mined by someone else.
    1. SlashnHax
      Author's Response
      It's an open source bot meant to help learning bot authors understand the API. Also, bug reports belong on the discussion thread.