OpiaTelegrabLeveler 1.2.5

Levels accounts to 33 magic and defence

  1. EthanOpia
    This bot is part of the OpiaGoldFarm for beginners series. It is meant to provide a simple and easy to run gold farm. This bot is meant to be used to level accounts for use with OpiaWineGrabber.

    To test out the paid wineGrabber for free, check out the lite version here: OpiaWineGrabber Lite

    To use this simple bot:

    1. Make a new account
    2. Add basic magic abilities to the revolution bar...or don't
    3. Add the first ranged basic ability to the action bar...or don't
    4. Don't worry about weapons or armor
    5. Start the bot
    6. Wait ~1:40 for a fully telegrab ready bot with 33 magic and 33 defence
    This bot will stop when the account reaches lvl 33 magic. If you are getting both def and magic xp (recommended), it takes ~1:40 to finish and will also give you 33 defense.

    If you have any bot requests, send me a private message.


Recent Reviews

  1. Hotair
    Version: 1.2.5
    Works well for what it says it does. No complaints.
    1. EthanOpia
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review.