OpiaWineGrabber 2.2.6

Telegrabs wines ~900k-1000kph

  1. EthanOpia
    New Released Ultra Version: OpiaWineGrabberUltra

    OpiaWineGrabber Lite if you want to test the bot out for free.

    This bot is part of the OpiaGoldFarm for beginners series. It is meant to provide a simple and easy to run gold farm.
    Don't have accounts with 33 magic? No worries, check out my leveler OpiaTelegrabLeveler.

    For private bot farm ideas or to request a bot, feel free to contact me.

    2.0+ Release:

    • Added better path
    • Added Falador teleport support (on action bar with 1 law and 1 water rune in inventory)
    • Added multiple banking locations.
    • Only runs out of church if you get the wine.
    • Added the number of wine lost to the UI so you can see how it is doing against the competition
    • Added an option to enable and disable Falador teleport
    • Added an option to disable to auto camera. (Enabled causes the camera to be set at the best position for grabbing, but is botlike)
    • Added the ability to specify when the bot stops (will run until manually stopped if it is left blank)
    • Added the option to disable Grimm Reaper handler.

    Basic Setup:

    • Have cheap food (salmon works best), air staff, and laws in bank preset.
    • Put telegrab and food on action bar with keybinds for best results.
    • Put Falador teleport on action bar if using it.
    • Use the highest range armor that you can (Carapace or green dragon work well).
    • Have auto-retaliate off and no spell set to auto-cast.

    Grimm Reaper disable explanation:
    • The RuneMate Grimm handler does not work for the first death on each character.
    • If you have ever died on the character and talked to death before, the death handler will perform correctly while running this bot.
    • If you die while running this bot without ever dying before, it will get stuck inside Grimm Reaper room forever.
    • If you pause the bot and exit the grimm room yourself, the bot will still be stuck in this RuneMate handler.
    • If you disable the Grimm Reaper handler, you will still have to manually exit the room on the first death, but can resume the bot after without stopping it.
    • After handling the first character death manually, you can uncheck the box and it will correctly handle anymore deaths on that account.
    • *Instead of using this annoying work around, I suggest you just manually die on your character, complete the death intro, and then run the bot normally without dealing with this option.

    Adjust 3D world editing so that the game world is not overlapping any interfaces like so:

    account setup:
    1. Log into your account
    2. Set graphics to minimum
    3. Set CPU usage to very low
    4. make sure it is set to fixed screen
    5. open the esc menu.
    6. Go to interface settings
    7. Set slim headers and hide titles
    8. Go back to the esc menu
    9. click Quick Load Layout
    10. select Old School
    11. Then, adjust your interfaces so that the actual game screen is not covered by any interfaces. This will stop issues with the bot getting stuck and trying to click through an interface.
    12. For best results, zoom the camera in about halfway, overhead, and face it north or northwest.
    13. Now your accounts should be all set for maximum botting without issue.

    Get's ~930k members and ~790k f2p.

    Beats the competition most of the time.


    ^ F2P vs competing bot (Results may vary depending on ping and CPU usage)

    Warning: This is a botting hot spot. Because of this, your accounts will be banned quickly. This is meant for trash f2p accounts. It will still make you good gp with low requirements.

Recent Reviews

  1. epicmedic0
    Version: 2.2.6
    The whole premise behind this bot is retarded. If you automate literally everything from start to finish, there will be a lot of similarities picked up by runescape's algorithim. Yea, great idea dude
    1. EthanOpia
      Author's Response
      You reviewed the incorrect bot. This version does not automate everything from start to finish. That is the other version that you already reviewed.
  2. Elizabeth Danson
    Elizabeth Danson
    Version: 2.2.5
    Great Bot, Love It Guys Keep it Up!!!!
  3. lenettoyeur
    Version: 2.2.0
    Amazing bot. I've mentioned a couple of issues on the forum though.
  4. John Deaux
    John Deaux
    Version: 2.2.0
    This bot works great, ran it for 2+ hours and no issues.
  5. Wet Rag V2
    Wet Rag V2
    Version: 2.1.9
    Great bot. Always fixes bot right away if any issues come up. A+ bot author!
  6. John Deaux
    John Deaux
    Version: 2.1.9
    Been using this for 2 days. Followed all the setup instructions, leave for about half an hour and my character is just standing there. Not an AFK bot.
  7. Ifartedlol
    Version: 1.2.2
    Great bot. Had an issue and author teamviewer with me and fixed issue.
    1. EthanOpia
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review.