pGDK Beta 0.1.1

Kills green dragons for bank loot!

  1. Party
    Earn absolute bank on your way to max combat.

    Start in Edgeville bank (preferably with your Anti-dragon shield and Glory equipped)

    This bot is in Beta, bugs possible!
    Please report any bugs to the bot thread:
    pGDK Beta | Community | RuneMate

    Known bugs:
    -Bank interface won't close.[FIXED]

    Client issue I believe is now resolved.

    -Profit does not calculate. [TESTING]
    Fix deployed, awaiting test.

    -Looting can often skip items.[TESTING]

    Working on a fix for that today.

    -Bot sticking after tele to Edgeville[TESTING]
    0.1.0a should have fixed.

    In scope:
    Ability to pick up own ammo.

    Feature requests:
    Ability to pick up own ammo.

    Please post all bugs on the thread so I work on fixing them.
    Same with feature requests.

Recent Reviews

  1. kenken1144
    Version: 0.1.1
    The bot crashes on start-up because it says in the green box "The bot crashed on startup because of an java.lang.NullPointerException".