Pi Chopper 3.9.30

Woodcutting made easy!

  1. Bertrand
    π Chopper

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    Welcome to the thread of the AIO chopper made by the π team! We have made this bot for two purposes and that is to offer a product that can't be surpassed on a quality level and to give the customer exactly what they want. This bot origins from my old BChopper, all of the old users that had that bot added will be automatically transferred to the new π Chopper.

    I wrote this bot with a few simple guidelines and I plan to keep following those:

    1. Banking supported locations (apart from chopping Ivy, or stackable items)
    2. Both OSRS and RS3 support
    3. Custom locations that can be suggested by the crowd (you!)
    This basically means that YOU make this bot! If you're planning to make money with woodcutting and you need a location added that isn't in this bot yet, you can suggest the location on this thread. If you want to suggest a location please use this form:

    Code (Text):
    1. What location:
    2. What logs:
    3. Closest banking option:
    4. Anything special:
    5. Game type (OSRS/RS3):
    Below the complete list with supported locations:


    1. Ape Atoll - Teak
    2. Everywhere - Ivy
    3. Tarddiad - Crystal branches
    4. Port Sarim - Willow
    5. Falador - Willow
    6. Powerchopping - Tree, Oak, Willow, Maple, Teak
    1. 1 to 60 - F2P
    2. Grand Exchange - Oak, Yew
    3. Edgeville - Yew
    4. Seers Village - Yew, Maple, Magic
    5. Sinclair Mansion - Maple
    6. Catherby - Oak, Willow, Yew
    7. Sawmill - Yew
    8. Falador - Yew
    9. Sorcerer's Tower - Magic
    10. Mage Areana- Magic
    11. Rimmington - Yew
    12. Barbarian Outpost - Willow
    13. Powerchopping - Tree, Oak, Willow, Maple, Teak
    14. Tree patch Varrock - Tree, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic
    15. Tree patch Falador - Tree, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic
    If you have any questions, suggestions or errors to report, reply below!

Recent Reviews

  1. bre knight
    bre knight
    Version: 3.9.30
    i have 2 99 wc accounts from this bot both with 20m+ xp, thanks alot! make around 4-8m a day depending how long i run the client.
  2. Seiv
    Version: 3.9.30
    Only script I trust on any account, flawless. Got me to 94 WC running 9hr a day so far..
    1. Bertrand
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. :)
  3. Dragonic5
    Version: 3.9.30
    I Have used it for like 4 days straight and no ban.

    But the Falador yew patch is glitched a bit it runs to the center of mining guild randomly and it cuts oaks and normal trees randomly.
    1. Bertrand
      Author's Response
      I don't have access to an account that is able to plant trees, I'd need to borrow an account to fix the issue. Hit me up through PM if you're interested in lending out one. :)
  4. riirichan
    Version: 3.9.30
    Used this when Aidden's MaxiWoodcutter wouldn't work & everything ran flawlessly! Perfect use from lvl 5 & up on RS3 EoC, had no issues or lag during my time using this. Can definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good, simple up to date bot for woodcutting ^^
  5. duckyownage1
    Version: 3.9.30
    great bot has its flaws, 2 main ones ive sound so far with cutting yews in edgeville it was making u run all around and kept constantly clicking and in fally it started cutting oaks but not a huge deal because this bot is trully amazing
  6. BoyoBot
    Version: 3.9.30
    Got me 70k an hour, chopping yews at Grand Exchange.
  7. austinB93
    Version: 3.9.30
    Have used it to bot from level 41 to 60 at port sarim docks no issues. I stayed near my computer at first to ensure no issues but haven't had to micro manage the account while running the script at all. Misclicks happen and camera views change which is nice. Left it running 8 hours yesterday no issues. Definitely recommend.
  8. Astral Xerxe
    Astral Xerxe
    Version: 3.9.30
    Very good bot. Took over 48 hours straight for me to be noticed and banned :)
    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to bot safely without being noticed easily :)
    Version: 3.9.30
    it works great however the G.E location has a massive bot giveaway bug, each time the first tree near the G.E randomly clicks on a specific spot near the tree stump when a yew tree isn't present until it respawns again, if this could be sorted out it could be the best f2p bot there is.
  10. Boobeh
    Version: 3.9.30
    Reliable woodcutter with minor flaws, but can get the job done if monitored while botting. Hit 1-99 woodcutting, botting 12 hours daily for 4 weeks. picture = puu.sh/qccAi.png